June 3, 2005

Southport RSL

 Southport, Queensland 




For ticket information, visit the XFC's website at: http://www.xfc.com.au



Fight 1 - Welterweight Bout 

Andrew Campbell (Rings) vs. Adam Webster (Gracie Barra)


Fight 2 - Welterweight Bout 

Jamie Henderson (Primal Arts) vs. Coby Jones (5 Rings Dojo - USA)


Fight 3 - Jr. Featherweight Xtreme Muay Thai Bout

Mark Rowe (Kachina Fight Club) vs. Aaron Rutz (Team Xtreme)


Fight 4 - Light Heavyweight Bout

Matt Johanssen (Freelance) vs. Jimmy Kreutzer (Team Xtreme)


Fight 5 - Lightweight Bout

Art Murie (Primal Arts) vs. Roy Luxton (5 Rings Dojo)


Fight 6 - Lightweight Xtreme Muay Thai Bout

Scott Butler (Spains Gym) vs. Darren Freiberg (Team Xtreme)


Fight 7 - Heavyweight Bout

Rocki Huni (Freelance) vs. David Lock ( Team OSU)


Fight 8 - Heavyweight Bout

Gareth Henderson (Primal Arts) vs. Sasha Nachouki (Fightboi Gym)


Fight 9 - Interim Jr. Welterweight Title Bout

Ross Macleod (Phoenix boxing - Scotland) vs. Rhys Whiteford (Sutherland Wrestling)


Fight 10 - Middleweight Title Bout

Peter Hickmott (Rings) vs. Carl Toomey (Team Xtreme)




Card subject to change