World Freestyle Fighting Championships 9

Professional Shooto

"Wild West"


September 17, 2005

The Croatian Cultural Center

 Vancouver, BC



Tickets for the event are available online at the WFF's website:


Preliminary Line-up (not in fight order):

Fight 1 - Featherweight Bout

Max Marin (Canuckles MMA) vs. Antonio Banuelos (Pitfight Team)


Fight 2 - Lightweight Bout

Tim Jensen (Toshido Fighting Arts ) vs. Kenny Butterfield (PG Fight Team)


Fight 3 - Middleweight Bout

Jas Mahli (Gibson Pankration) vs. Darren Taitenger (Team Sniper)


Fight 4 - Middleweight Bout

George Kassimatis (Posener's Pankration) vs. Adam Thomas (Aiki Jiu-Jitsu)


Fight 5 - Light Heavyweight Bout

Sal Ram (Franco Kickboxing / Pankration) vs. Gene Laszlo (Aiki Jiu-Jitsu)


Fight 6 - Light Heavyweight Bout

Chad Freeman (Kamloops Submission Fighting Academy) vs. Eric Rassmussen (Dragon's Den Martial Arts)


Fight 7 - Light Heavyweight Bout

Jay Jenkins vs. Jerry Elliot


Fight 8 - Cruiserweight Bout

Shawn Kapos (Franco Kickboxing / Pankration) vs. Danny Valimaki (Team Sniper)


Fight 9 - Cruiserweight Bout

Bill Mahood (PG Fightclub) vs. Todd Seyler (World Extreme Fighting)


Fight 10 - Super Heavyweight Bout

Trevor Schmidt (Arashi Do) vs. "Caine" (Franco Kickboxing / Pankration)





Subject to change