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World Championship Muay Thai

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September 8, 2007

Normandie Casino

1045 West Rosecrans Ave.

Gardena, California



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Saturday was suppose to have been a dilemma for the fight fans in Southern California - which to attend,

Boxing with Vargas and Mayorga or World Championship Muay Thai with nine title fights (plus a Super

Fight)...For me, I knew where I was going but the question for others became moot when the boxing match

between Fernando Vargas and Ricardo Mayorga was cancelled due to Vargas being diagnosed with

anemia. And if those who had chosen to attend the boxing match where smart enough to attend the World

Championship Muay Thai event, then they were not disappointed. It was a solid night of action played out in

front of a sold out crowd at the Normandie Casino which played host to World Championship Muay Thai

promoted by Dennis Warner, In Sync Productions, Inc. & the WBC MuayThai.


Aside from the 10 Full Rules Muay Thai bouts, some lucky fans walked away with some free money to

gamble after the fights as the gracious casino host was throwing $10 chips to the fans during the fights for

free money play. And all the action was being televised live in Thailand - from the controversial judges

scores to the crazy bloody fest.


The night started out in impressive fashion - Shane Del Rosario, out of Team No Limits, dominated his fight

with Ricardo Van De Boss with strong left hooks that sent Van De Boss to the mat a couple of times before

Rosario finished him with a knee - winning by knockout in the second round. Del Rosario’s punching power

was noticeable from the get go which earned him the championship belt.


But controversy was also part of the night - A unanimous decision win for Romie Adanza over Hidemaru

got the crowd riled up and booing. Hidemaru put on a dominating performance over Adanza, who just couldn't

seem to find his rhythm and put things together as I've seen in the past. So after the judges scores were

read (48-47, 48-47 and 49-46), I was certain it was in favor of Hidemaru. Boy was I wrong. Adanza’s hand

was raise and declared the winner. As mentioned, I've seen Adanza fight many a time and true to his

character and heart, when he knows he didn't win a fight, he lets it be known. And last night was no

exception - as the announcer declared him the winner, he started to shake his head "No."  I don't know what

the judges saw or were thinking, but Romie and I where on the same page. A rematch is definitely in order.


A quick tip of the hat to Lamsongkram Chuwattana - who won a unanimous decision over Yohan Lidon to

retain his WBC middleweight title. In the fifth round of their bout, Lidon was cut with an elbow on the forehead

and the blood started to gush out immediately. The doctor checked the cut and the fight resumed but from

my perspective, Chuwattana knew he had the fight in the bag and respected Lidon for the fight he put up so

he slowed down - not wanting to do any further damage.


As for the fight of the night, I would have to give it to Edmond Tarverdyan vs. Ben Yelle. A bloody fest

this was as both men were cut in the third round. Yelle connected with an elbow that put a cut on the bridge

of Tarverdyan’s nose. Then Tarverdyan came in strong, connecting with a high kick to the head and that

opened up a gash on Yelle. Tarverdyan didn’t disappoint his fans as he connected well with power strikes

that hurt Yelle. Chants from Tarverdyan's fans were heard a few times during his performance as he took the

unanimous decision win.


And what can I say about another fan favorite - Baxter Humby. He lost against Myckael Pischello. "The

One Armed Bandit" was unable to continue after ending the third round - In the third round, Pischello

connected with a spinning back fist, followed by a clean left hook to the chin that dropped Humby to the mat

for an eight count. Humby got up and continued. Pischello then connected with additional strikes that

appeared to hurt Humby ending the round. Humby’s corner indicated to the referee that he would not

continue on to the fourth round giving Pischello the win. Later, Humby indicated that he wasn’t 100% coming

into this fight due to heat stroke that he had suffered a week ago.


I could write a book on the night but instead, I will sum it up by saying that Saturday night's World

Championship Muay Thai event was a great demonstration of heart, courage, skill and determination by all

the fighters.


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