Mari's Minute

World Championship Muay Thai Recap \ Results

September 4, 2008

San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino

777 San Manuel Blvd.

Highland, California



Dennis Warner along with In Sync Productions, Inc and the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino brought us

eight action packed fights of Full Rules Muay Thai this past Thursday night - Two title bouts highlighted the

card but I must say the ladies bout stole the show.  This is how it all went down.


The first fight of the night saw Jesse Magusen taking on David Huerta.  Magusen gave Huerta a battle but

was unable to stop Huerta from connecting with powerful punches to the face. Huerta was able to dominate

the bout with his straight rights that connected beautifully throughout the fight. And Huerta’s jab combos hurt

Magusen in the second round...but Magusen held on and continued. In the third round, Magusen came in

with a jumping punch but was caught by a straight right that dropped him....and it was all over - The referee

(Dej Syrimpai) started the count - but around the count of three he realized Magusen had had enough and

waived the fight over giving Huerta the TKO win at :19 of the round. 


A great back and forth battle came next between Yamato Miura and Shane Oblonsky. Miura came out

strong and dominated the first round.  Miura speed allowed him to connect easily with combinations of

punches and kicks. At that point, it looked like it was going to be a sure win for Miura - But Oblonsky

composed himself in-between round one and two and turned the tables. The taller Oblonsky took over rounds

two and three - In round two, he skinned Miura with a spinning back heel kick and finished the round with a

series of knees to the body. Oblonsky connected with another spinning back heel kick after a straight right

at the beginning of the third round. A good battle throughout - but over all, Oblonsky came back beautifully

after getting dominated in the first round. The judges gave Oblonsky the split decision win after three (two

minutes) rounds of superb action.


Then came the crowd favorite Beto Rodriguez from Valdez Kickboxing who took on Osbaldo Venegas.

These two went at it for three (two minutes) rounds. Rodriguez came up short in the end though, losing via

unanimous decision. Venegas was able to connect with cleaner shots throughout the fight. The judges

scored it 29-28, 30-27, 29-28 for Venegas aka Ozzy Sityodtong. 


To follow was the fight of the night. An impressive performance from Kristin Shepard who went toe-to-toe

with the IAMTF Women’s United States Lightweight Champion RoxyBalboaRichardson. The ladies

brought the house down. Shepard came out strong and swinging - connecting immediately with right and left

hooks backing Richardson to a corner, not allowing her any room to breath.  Shepard dominated the first

round by connecting well - but it didn’t stop a confident Richardson from giving us a couple of grins after

receiving some punches from Shepard. With the “Baby Face Assassin” in her corner, Richardson came out

strong in round two and was able to connect with combo punches that bloodied Shepard’s nose. A more

active Richardson clearly took round two. Round three could have gone either way - Both ladies went at it

nonstop - Richardson connected with kicks and knees to the body as Shepard continued to connect with her

successful jabs. And there was lots of back and forth action in round four as well - but I gave the round to

Shepard who showed off her counter-punching ability. Shepard appeared to be tiring though but still fought

on...connecting well with her strikes. Richardson was great with her legs but came up a little short with her

punches. It was a win for all in attendance who witnessed a great battle between these two warriors and after

four (two minutes) rounds, the judges called it a majority draw with scores of 38-38, 39-37 Richardson,



Next, put a check in the "W" column for Chike Lindsay who won over Kang En. Lindsay took control early

on and never looked back. After receiving an eight count early in round five, En finally succumbed to a body

blow - En went down and the referee Dej Syrimpai waived the fight over at 2:30 of the round.


Then came a dominating performance from Bryce Krause out of the No Limits camp over fan favorite

William Sriyapai. This bout was a far cry from their 2004 bout which saw Krause eek out a spilt decision

win over Sriyapai. Sriyapai appeared to have gassed out early in the fight and was looking sluggish. Krause

kept the pressure on and after five (three minute) rounds, he took the unanimous decision win with judges

scores of 49-46, 50-45, 50-45. 


Another dominating performance was to follow from Lamsongkram who defeated MukaiThe African

Warrior Maromo to retain his WBC & IKKC Muay Thai World Middleweight Titles. Lamsongkram got the

fans fired up by pushing back Mukai with a leg to the mid section....rather unsportsmanlike I might add,

as they had just come forward to touch gloves. Lamsongkram was just too much for Maromo though -

Maromo received a body blow in round two that rendered him unable to continue. The referee gave Maromo a

10 count as Maromo shook his head indicating he had had enough at 1:23 of the round.


And to close out the night, Vaughn Lucas took on Jared Lara in a great fight. Lara is the current IKKC

Muay Thai Super Middleweight Champion....and although the belt was not on the line, these two battled it

out nonstop for four (three minute) rounds like it was. It was an even war in round one. But Lara started

mixing it up in round two and connected with an elbow to the head of Lucas opening up a gash. Lara

connected well with powerful low kicks and elbows throughout the round. In round three, Lucas did his own

connecting to Lara’s face with right \ left hook strikes but that didn’t stop Lara from pressing and striking the

face and body as well. In the fourth round, Lara came out dominating once again with his powerful low kicks

and well timed elbows to the face. But props to Lucas who kept coming forward and still threw right \ left

combo's to Lara’s face.....and he connected a few. Lara took the round though...and the I thought -

until the “Voice-Over King” Kris Gregory (announcer) read the judges scores of 38-38, 39-37 Lara, 38-38 - a

majority draw. The fans booed the decision - and although Vaughn Lucas was a superb opponent, he didn’t

mix it up like Lara did and seemed to only want to target Lara's face.


In closing, two quick thoughts - First, I want to acknowledge the great work from the nights referees - Mr.

Dej Syrimpai and Kris Adrian. Great job guys!  Second, the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino is an

awesome place to see an event - the hospitality and entertainment are top notch.


Until next time,