Mari's Minute

WCK: Full Rules Muay Thai Recap

Last Show for 2007


November 29, 2007

San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino

777 San Manuel Blvd.

Highland, California



Even though Christmas is still a few weeks away, it felt like Santa Claus decided to pay an early visit to the

San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino this past Thursday night where a full house of WCK: Full Rules Muay

Thai fans were treated to 11 great fights ranging from comedy relief to the all fabulous knockout. Notables in

attendance included "El Guapo" Bas Rutten, “BigJohn McCarthy, Giva Santana and KOTC veterans

Joe Camacho and Thomas Denny.


And for all you MMA fans, some good news, it was announced that King of the Cage has partnered to bring

five MMA events to San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino in 2008. The first event will take place in January

that will feature Joe Camacho against Thomas Denny and Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett in another rematch

with Victor “Joe Boxer” Valenzuela.


This is how the action went down on Thursday night:


The first bout saw crowd favorite Jedd Lara battle Luis Vargas. Lara dominated, using his longer leg reach,

to connect with powerful high kicks and body shots. And after three rounds, Lara got the unanimous

decision win with judges scores of 29-28, 29-28, 30-27.


Then came the most entertaining fight of the night - Phil Bremner against Kyle Richards. This fight had

everyone in stitches (laughter). Richards came out clowning and taunting Bremner - and did so throughout

all of the first round. Richards was able to connect with some wild punches, then back off, run around the

ring, taunt and smile - getting his opponent very frustrated.


But that began to backfire in round two - a bouncy Richards connected with a flurry of wild punches early but

Bremner was able to connect with a clean shot and that backed Richards up, causing him to turn and give

his back. Bremner came in strong, connecting with shots from that position until Richards turned around.

The fans got loud from this point on, cheering Bremner. Bremner continued to press - and connected with

combinations and finished the round with a beautiful right hook that knocked Richards to the mat.


The crowd loved it.


Then came round three and a less cocky Richards came forward, trying to connect with his wild punches

but Bremner was able to land another clean, strong right hook and Richards legs wobbled. Bremner finished

the fight connecting with a high kick and following it up with a right hook to the face that knocked Richards

down. The referee stepped in to stop the beating - giving Bremner the TKO win.


And in keeping with the entertainment theme, the next fight featured Joe Davidson against Peter Kaljevic

- Kaljevic came out to the Culture Club song “Do you really want to hurt me” - It didn’t take but a

millisecond for the crowd to react to the song - and the laughing continued…but on a serious note, Davidson

was able to dominate most of the rounds, connecting well and took the unanimous decision win and the

IMTC United States Middleweight title.


Another great battle followed for the IKKC Muay Thai Intercontinental Featherweight Title - Romie Adanza

against Hidemaru. This would be a rematch of their September 8th (2007) bout in which Adanza won a five

round unanimous decision albeit many in attendance, including myself, felt that Hidemaru had won...or at the

very least, deserved a draw.


Both warriors came out strong and their determination showed. The beginning rounds were pretty even with

lots of back and forth action. At the end of round three, Adanza connected with a clean uppercut that was

countered by an elbow to the face - But Adanza came back with his own elbow to the face.


In the round four, Hidemaru connected with a punch that took Adanza back into the corner - Adanza came

back with consecutive knees and an accidental low blow. Low blow notwithstanding, Adanza was now

clearly dominating the fight. Hidemaru heard the ten second warning to end the round and came in with a

final flurry of strikes but most were blocked as Adanza countered with his signature jump punch.


The final round started with a bang as Adanza connected with a spinning back elbow that knocked Hidemaru

down for an eight count. As the fight resumed, Adanza continued to connect with the spinning back elbow

but the stubborn Hidemaru continued moving forward and wouldn’t go down. Hidemaru took more punches to

the face, another spinning elbow, and a jumping elbow to top it off.  The resilient Hidemaru, who is now

bleeding from the nose, continued to go after Adanza - connecting with a couple of shots of his own but

Adanza once again connected with the spinning back elbows and the jump punch.


This time around, Adanza left no doubt as to who the winner was - taking the five round unanimous decision

with judges scores of 49-45 across the board.


Next, Joey Pagliuso defeated Yamato Miura after four rounds of action. Pagliuso dominated, winning

the IAMTF North American Jr. Middleweight Title.


Another unanimous decision win went to Kongnapa (Noppadul Lumpa), who defeated Toby Grear and took

home the IKKC Muay Thai Intercontinental Jr. Middleweight Title.


The IMTC World Jr. Middleweight Title belt was on the line when defending champion Baxter "The One Arm

Bandit" Humby took on seven time Muay Thai champion William Sriyapai. These two warriors put up a

battle but in the end, Sriyapai just didn’t do enough - Humby walked away with a majority decision win with

judges scores of 48-48, 48-47, 49-46 and retained his title.


Hector Pena then showed he was too much for Danny Steele - Pena looked impressive and dominated

with his speed, connecting with right and left hooks at will. Pena was also able to work some knees and

elbows, eventually getting an eight count in round two (knee to the face). A few moments later, Pena

dropped Steele again - this time with some body shots that had him down for the 10 count. Steele just

looked like his mind was elsewhere throughout the fight. With the win, Pena is the IMTC Intercontinental

Welterweight Champion. After the fight, Steele announced his retirement - thanking the fans for their support

throughout the last 20 years.


Shawn Yacoubian won the IKKC Muay Thai California Welterweight title by winning a unanimous decision

over the tough Joe Sarkissian in a four round contest.


And for the knockout of the night, Dennis Grachev landed an impressive spinning heel kick to the body of

Joe Schilling that dropped him to his knees and that's where he stayed for the 10 count. It only took

Grachev 47 seconds to capture the IKKC Muay Thai United State Super Middleweight Title belt.


And for the final fight of the night, Jarred Lara took on Kevin Karraker. In the first round, Lara connected

with a combo that knocked Karraker down for an eight count. Karrater recovered but now had a bloody nose.

Lara continued to dominate and got another eight count in round two due to a powerful left hook. Lara

continued with the powerful strikes highlighted by numerous thigh kicks that took its toll. A bloody Karrater

limped to his corner after the bell rang ending round two. The doctor rushed to Karrater’s corner and a few

seconds later, the fight was stopped. Karrater was unable to continue due to a thigh injury - he couldn't

stand or walk on his own. Lara gets the TKO victory.


Until next time,