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November 9, 2006

San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino

777 San Manuel Blvd.

Highland, California

Mari’s Minute

Full Rules Muay Thai Recap at The San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino 


On Thursday, November 9th, had the pleasure of attending another great event put on by

Dennis Warner & In Sync Productions, Inc along side the San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino. This was the

very first Muay Thai event held in the Inland Empire and at San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino - and it met

with great success. Notables in attendance included MMA legend Bas Rutten, PRIDE and WFA veteran

Quinton RampageJackson and "Mr. International" himself - Shonie Carter to name just a few.



                                                Bas Rutten & Mari                 Mari & Rampage              Shone Carter & Mari


Fight 1: Nicholas Nguyen defeated Julien Lugo by unanimous decision after a 3 round battle. In the first

round, Nguyen started the match with powerful knees to Lugo’s mid-section. Lugo complained to the referee

(Cecil Peoples) about a low knee. I didn’t see it and neither did the referee who told Lugo to continue to

fight. On to the second round, Lugo was able to connect and counter Nguyen with punches of his own.

Lugo appeared more effective in this round but still behind. As the third round bell rang, both fighters came

in slow with much more caution.  Nguyen was able to connect with more frequency with a variety of knees,

kicks & punches. His combination strikes gave him the lead - winning with score's of  29-28, 30-27 & 30-27.


Fight 2: Shane Del Rosario vs. Tyler Grear. As round one began, Del Rosario was the aggressor - pressing

forward, throwing punches and connecting some clean power punches. Grear was able to block a few hits

but took the majority thrown. Towards the end of the round, Grear came back with an impressive spinning

back fist that stunned Del Rosario. Grear was able to connect with a few more punches towards the end of

this round. He was able to even up a losing round.  Early into round second round, Del Rosario was able to

connect with more of the power punches that were effective in round one - taking Grear down for a referee

10 count - As Grear tried to beat the count, his knees didn’t let him get up in time. Del Rosario wins by

knockout at 16 seconds of round two.


Fight 3 saw Ismael Gonzalez going against Neil Chatchaiyan. Both came out wanting to fight. Early in round

one, Chatchaiyan connected with an elbow to face that took Gonzalez to the mat. Gonzalez was able to

recover and beat the referee’s 10 count with no problem. Further in the round, as Gonzalez was backed into

the ropes, Chatchaiyan connected another elbow right on what appeared to be Gonzalez’s neck area.

Gonzalez went down, spitting out his mouth piece, trying to catch his breath. The referee started the 10

count and Gonzalez didn’t get up. It looked like he was having a hard time breathing. He was able catch his

breath and started complaining to the referee and officials that it was an illegal hit to the throat. Referee

counted Gonzalez out and declared Neil Chatchaiyan the winner by knockout at  2:40 of the first round.


Fight 4:  This was a well anticipated fight - Two warriors in the ring who you know would give it their all - As

Roxy “Balboa” Richardson walked down with the “Rocky” theme song, everyone had high expectations - You

could see the determination in her face. Then came Christina Martin with Gwen Stafani’s “Hollaback Girl”

song. You could just tell it was going to be a great battle. Round one begins and it's all Martin - connecting

with high, low and mid-section kicks, followed up by punches galore. She didn’t lose focus. Martin was

there to win. Round two - all Martin - pressing Richardson all the way. Getting her into the corner and

punching away. Richardson did her best to block some punches but by round three, Martin made it seem

easy. In all five rounds, Martin was the aggressor, connecting with her combination kicks and punches.

I do give Richardson lots of credit though - She didn’t give up and stood her ground and showed a lot of heart

- it just wasn’t her night. Congrats to Martin for an impressive win by unanimous decision - 50-45 on all three

judges scorecards and who now is the Super lightweight Champion.


Fight 5: Craig Buchanan wins over Peter Kaljevic by unanimous decision. All judges score the bout 40-36. A

faster Buchanan took round one - connecting with his punches and kicks to the body. Kaljevic looked too

cautious (slow). As round two began, we saw a little more movement from Kaljevic. He was pressing forward

a little more, but most punches and kicks thrown didn’t connect. The strikes that did connect didn’t appear

to have much power. Buchanan’s strikes appeared to be more effective. As round three began, Kaljevic

began to connect a little more. This was an even round as Buchanan slowed down and just countered as

Kaljevic connected most of his punches and put more pressure on Buchanan. Round four once again saw

Buchanan dominate Kaljevic with his kicks and knees that had Kaljevic hurt. Buchanan showed lots of power

and speed giving him the win.


Fight 6: Jared Lara (Colin Oyama in his corner) vs. Robert Carvajal (Malaipet in his corner). Two reputable

teams going against each other - This was to be a good match up. As the fight started, it was easily

determined who the crowd favorite was - Jared Lara. Lara didn’t disappoint his fans, standing his ground and

fighting - He took the first two rounds with his punching power, keeping his distance and not letting Carvajal

get close. Carvajal kissed the mat a couple of times yet no 10 count by the referee. No knock downs. In the

third round, Carvajal came out punching and connecting but Lara was able to counter and connected with his

own punches. Lara landed a nice uppercut that rocked Carvajal in the fourth round. Early in the fight, Carvajal

was successful in connecting with spinning kicks but as he attempted them again in the fourth round, Lara

was ready for them and Carvajal was unsuccessful. Overall, Lara overpowered Carvajal in all four rounds, but

lots of props to Carvajal whom took this fight on a one week notice (per Malaipet).


Fight 7:  "The One armed Bandit" Baxter Humby defeated George Morales by knockout in the first round.

Early in the round, Morales complained about a low kick by Humby - Referee gave Morales time to recover.

Rounds starts again with both fighters connecting strikes. Humby throws a combination of punches and

elbows that sent Morales down - Morales was able to get up and recover. Towards the end of the round,

once again using the same combination of punches and elbows, Humby successfully rocks Morales and

once again Morales goes down. This time, Morales couldn’t get up. All the fans stand up and cheer for the

winner by knockout at 2:59 of first round - Baxter "The One armed Bandit" Humby.


Fight 8:  An impressive, solid win for Romie Adanza who wins a unanimous decision over Miguel Rosales -

Judges scored the bout 30-25, 29-26 and 30-25. Adanza pressed forward all three rounds - There was no

stopping this kid - connecting with knees and punches in round one. In round two, Adanza was able to

knock Rosales down two times but Rosales was able to recover fine. Adanza ended the round with three to

four consecutive flying kicks at the bell. As soon as the bell rang for round three, Rosales came out swinging

- connecting with a right, left combination and kick to Adanza’s mid section that dropped him. Adanza was

able to get right up and still continue pressing the fight. In the end, Adanza showed solid skills throughout

the fight leading to his decision victory.


Fight 9: The nights main event saw Pong Cheawchan against Mohamed Etajiei. The fight was short. After a

few exchanges, Cheawchan had Etajiei leaning on the ropes. It was quick, I didn’t even see it. An elbow by

Cheawchan knocked Etajiei down and out. Etajiei nearly fell out of the ring. The referee stopped the fight

after a 10 count and the Doctor rushed in to look at Etajiei - He was out for a few seconds but was able to

recover and walk away. Cheawchan wins by knockout at 1:11 of the first round.


Congratulations to all of the winners and Dennis Warner, In Sync Productions, Inc and the San Manuel

Indian Bingo & Casino for putting on another great show for all the fans - One fight after the other with no

breaks worked for me as it gave me time to do some gambling in the casino;-)


Until next time, 



Fight 1 - Nicholas Nguyen vs. Julien Lugo

Fight 2 - Shane Del Rosario vs. Tyler Grear

Fight 3 - Neil Chatchaiyan vs. Ismael Gonzalez

Fight 4 - Christina Martin vs. Roxy Richardson

Fight 5 - Craig Buchanan vs. Peter Kaljevic

Fight 6 - Jared Lara vs. Robert Carvajal

Fight 7 - Baxter Humby vs. George Morales

Fight 8 - Romie Adanza vs. Miguel Rosales

Fight 9 - Pong Cheawchan vs. Mohamed Ettajiri



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