The World Boxing Council is requesting a vote of its Board of Governors

 to strip world champion Francisco Javier Castillejo of his title



Super Welterweight Title

The World Boxing Council is requesting today (May 30th) the voting of its Board of Governors to strip world

champion Francisco Javier Castillejo of his title for refusing to comply with his mandatory defense against

WBC official challenger Ricardo Mayorga signing instead to fight Fernando Vargas, despite the fact that

he had already been officially advised and he had accepted such defense in writing.


Two-thirds of the WBC Board of Governors vote will be necessary to make Castillejo's stripping of his title

official, in accordance with the WBC Rules and Regulations.


The WBC has been viciously attacked by some people, due to the countless opportunities and permanent

support given to Castillejo by the organization, including the fact that former WBC super welter champion

Winky Wright was bound to pay Francisco Javier Castillejo the amount of $150,000 USD to be allowed to

fight Shane Mosley and also relinquish his WBC super welter title to be able to fight against Tito Trinidad.


WBC Interim champion Francisco Javier Castillejo won $150,000 USD along with the undisputed WBC

super welter title without winning it on the ring, in accordance to the WBC Rules and Regulations, same

rules that he is now violating to the regret of all the members of the World Boxing Council who always

regarded him with pride, respect and affection.


Ricardo Mayorga was rated number 4 in the WBC since October 2004. Number 1 at that time, Oscar de la

Hoya, moved to middleweight to fight Hopkins. Number 2 at that time, Kofi Jantuah, challenged and lost for

the IBF title. Number 3 at that time Shane Mosley challenged and lost to Winky Wright.

After Wright's relinquishing of the title, the WBC designated No. 2 rated boxer Ricardo Mayorga, as the

mandatory challenger to fight Francisco Javier Castillejo.


WBC President Jose Sulaiman thinks that Castillejo has been misrepresented in regards to the

commitments and obligations and deeply regrets these disloyal actions from those who represent him,

especially people from the great nation of Spain, forgetting the multiple opportunities and support always

granted to them by the WBC and fully backed up by EBU President Don Ruben Martinez.


Francisco Javier Castillejo's official representative sent a letter in January accepting the champion's

commitment to fight the official challenger Ricardo Mayorga, but later on, he refused the date April 30th at

the Madison Square Garden of New York, and then May 14th at the MGM of Las Vegas, and then May 21st

in Chicago, arguing that the champion was participating in a Spanish Reality Show.


President Sulaiman thinks that the refusal of Castillejo's representatives to comply with the WBC Rules and

Regulations and stipulations is comparable to a citizen's violation of his country's law, and permitting this

would cause anarchy and chaos, and therefore the WBC just can't accept that.


Jose Sulaiman Ch.


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