WBC Approves The First Female

World Championship Bout

The World Boxing Council has approved the first world female championship bout between the Mexican

national super bantamweight champion Jackie Nava and the Colombian national champion Paola



This event will be promoted by WBC Champion Emeritus Erik Morales and will take place next May 28 in

Tijuana, BCN, Mexico.


The President of the WBC appointed Song Kwan Park, of Korea, as Chairman of the WBC Female

Championships Committee, for a complete success of these new and very important championships that

pay true honor to women all over the world.


The World Boxing Council is not opposed to any other established organization, since we are inclined to

believe that all of them have positive aims; however, the WBC wants the inclusion of all female boxers in its

161 affiliated countries, regardless of their nationality or country of residence, which no other organization

could achieve.


The WBC also congratulates Champion Erik Morales and the City of Tijuana, since this bout will be recorded

as the first female boxing match recognized by this organization along its 45-year history.



- Press Release issued by the WBC with some editing from us (color, highlights, etc...)


Subject to change