Wanderlei Silva 

New Years Eve Preparation


Special Thanks go out to Julio Heller for the following:


Dear friends,

Working hard and still waiting the official confirmation of the rematch with Ricardo Arona to the New Years

Eve Event, being valid for the belt of PRIDE, Wanderlei Silva has dedicated his afternoon trainings for the

physical preparation.




With the special support of the Personal Trainer Rafael Alejarra that came especially from Porto Alegre to

follow the training of the PRIDE Middleweight Champion and to work the resistance part mainly and the

explosion of the athlete. In an infra-structure mounted in the proper house of Wanderlei, the training follows

a daily routine and with gradual load increases using different techniques and sometimes unusual



Best regards,

Julio Heller

X Sports

Marketing Advisor


Special Thanks go out to Julio Heller for the photographs