Wanderlei Silva \ Koral


Special Thanks goes out to Julio Heller for the article and the pictures (with a little editing form us)

We were in São Paulo last week with the champion of PRIDE, Wanderlei Silva, visiting the store of Koral

Fighting Co., his new sponsor. After interacting with fans, Wanderlei approved the new product of the

partnership (with Koral) and already took innumerable photos with the new kimono in a photographic studio

in the capital of São Paulo.



The Kimono WAND/KORAL will be launched officially in his fight on April 24th in Japan against the Olympic

Medalist, the Japanese Yoshida, being valid for the first one twirled of the PRIDE Grand Prix event that

goes to congregate the 16 better fighters of the world and that has Wanderlei as the current champion.



Wanderlei goes to innovate in this Event, entering the ring using the kimono and to celebrate the launching of

the product which is LIMITED (to) 100 units. The series will be made for fans and collectors, accurately

equal the champion of the PRIDE will be using in the Event, packed in a special case with other gifts of the

Champion and Koral.


In annex some photos in the store of the Koral and the photographic session, the photos with new kimono

are surprise and will be divulged in briefing.

Yours truly,

Julio Heller

Marketing Advisor


Special Thanks goes out to Julio Heller for the information and the pictures (with a little editing

   from us )