Ultimate Grappling Challenge IX

On October 1st In Germany


October 1, 2011


Hockstraße (Mehrzweckhalle)

Aschaffenburg, Germany




The Ultimate Grappling Challenge is back!

Shooto Germany and the German Grappling League ("Deutsche Grappling Liga") joined

forces to realize the revival of Europe's toughest and most challenging Grappling

competition: the "Ultimate Grappling Challenge". This event determines the strongest real

Submission Wrestlers in each category, when no points and no time limits leave only one

option for victory: Submission! On October 1st the UGC will be back in the Arena in

Aschaffenburg (close to Frankfurt) and will showcase the finest and strongest Grapplers

from all over Europe and the World.

Please make sure to visit our website at www.kakutogi.net/ugc for all info about the UGC. You will also have

the opportunity to register only and get great discounts on the fees. It is also possible to pay the registration

fee online and safe via PayPal to secure another discount on your registration fee. Subscribe now and be part

of Grappling History in Europe. Here is a list of some Competitors and Champions, who have fought in the

UGC so far:


- Dean Lister (ADCC Champion, KOTC Champion, UFC and PRIDE Veteran)

- Andreas Schmidt (8times UGC Champion)

- Remco Pardoel (UFC Veteran)

- Cyril Diabate (Pride Veteran)

- Willamy "Chiquerim" Freire (Shooto World Champion)

- Franco de Leonardis (SHIDO MMA World Champion)

- Philipe de La Monica "Furao" (European Champion BJJ, Headcoach of Gracie Barra)

- Peter Mettler (European and World Champion FILA)

- Yasubey Enomoto (Sengoku Veteran and M1 Fighter)

- Peter Angerer (SHIDO MMA World Champion, ADCC Veteran)

- Daniel Weichel (M1 Fighter and European Vale Tudo Champion)

- Tito Beltran (M1 Fighter)

- Patrick de Caro (European and World Champion Grappling)

and many many more.....


Registration is now open for competitors from all over the world. Please visit www.kakutogi.net/ugc to read

all about it!


Best regards,

Peter Angerer

Shooto Germany


Ultimate Grappling Challenge IX Tournament Information (.pdf file)


- Press Release from Shooto Germany




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