Ultimate Grappling Challenge DVD

6th annual Open European Championships

September 24, 2005


Mössingen, Germany



The DVD of Europe’s toughest and challenging Grappling competition – the Ultimate Grappling Challenge

2005 – has been released this week and is shipping now! The DVD shows all final matches of the Advanced

Division of the UGC VI, including the Superfight between ADCC Champion DeanBoogeymanLister

(USA) and AndreasAndycondaSchmidt (Germany), as well as stunning fights with BJJ Black Belt “Tito

Beltran (Spain), UGC Champion FrancoOrtegaDe Leonardis (Germany) and Luta Livre stand-out

Radoslav Turek (Poland), who won the Heavyweight Division and the Absolute Class in a cruel field of

competitors from all over the world. The new rules of the UGC stunned the Grappling community worldwide,

as the only way to win is by submission. No points, no time limits! Some of the matches lasted more than

one hour!


The DVD is available exclusively at the online Shop of Take One Media at www.video2001.de and costs

22, 50 Euro plus shipping and handling.



- From UGC with a little editing from us (color, etc...)