The Ultimate Fighter™ Finale Results


April 9, 2005

Spike TV


Fight 1 - Middleweight Final
Diego Sanchez wins by TKO at 2:49 of the first round over Kenny Florian


Rd 1

They come out, meet at the center - both in south paw position - both keeping their distance, circling each

other - Sanchez looks like he is trying to cut off the ring - more than a minutes goes by with no action -

Sanchez tries an uppercut but misses - comes in and gets Florian against the cage - both exchange knees -

Sanchez throws a knee to Florian's head as he pulls away - Sanchez comes in again and takes Florian

down - Sanchez is standing over Florian against the cage throwing punches down as Florian kicks up -

Florian tries to move away and Sanchez gets the full mount - Florian tries to push away but Sanchez

continues to punch the side of Florian's face and the ref stops the fight. Florian was cut from a short elbow

while he was mounted. Florian has cuts on the bridge of his nose and possibly below his left eye.


Sanchez wins a six figure contract with the UFC (no explanation as to the terms of the contract).



Fight 2 - Light Heavyweight Final
Forrest Griffin wins a three round unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) over Stephan Bonner


Rd 1

They come out to the center of the ring - Griffin throws a big right hand that is blocked - both exchange a bit

- Griffin throws a low Thai kick that momentarily throws Bonner off balance - Bonner utilizing his jab -

Griffin  throws and lands a combo to Bonner's face - Griffin throws another low Thai kick  - Bonner delivers a

spinning 180 kick that lands on the side mid-section and then both exchange hard punches in the

center of the ring - Griffin lands a few more shots and Bonner looks to be hurt a bit but recovers - Griffin tries

to take Bonner down but Bonner reverses and lands on top of Griffin in the half-guard - Griffin pushes

Bonner up and then stands-up and they both exchange blows on top - Bonner comes in for a take Down and

they tie up - Bonner lands a hard left, a few more lefts and a knee - Griffin now pushes Bonner against the

cage - Griffin takes Bonner down and is in the half-guard - Bonner holding on in half-guard - Bonner tries to

get up - Griffin gets his back - Bonner pushes away - Griffin goes for an arm-bar, Bonner pushing away from

arm-bar - bell rings.


Rd 2

Both come out - Griffin tries a low Thai kick - Bonner lands a straight left - Griffin looks a little stunned -

Griffin ties him up and takes Bonner down - Griffin on top - Bonner doing a good job in the guard - Griffin is

bleeding - Ref stops the fight to check the cut on the bridge of Griffin's nose - they resume - they circle each

other - Bonner lands an uppercut - Griffin comes back with two straight lefts  - they tie up - Bonner using the

jab - Griffin counters with his own jab - Griffin throws a few knees as they clinch - Bonner blocking well -

Bonner lands a good left knee - both look tired - Griffin clinching, trying to take Bonner down - He takes

Bonner down but they get right back up - Bonner delivers a slow knee to the face of Griffin - Griffin sucking

wind - crowd is cheering - Both in center of the ring, punching away - Griffin lands a straight jab - Griffin lands

a good Muay Thai knee - Bonner comes back with a good jab - both in center of the ring exchanging

punches - both look exhausted - Griffin lands a right uppercut - Griffin lands a straight right as the bell rings -

Crowd on their feet cheering


Rd 3

Both come out to the center of the ring - Griffin lands a low Thai kick - both still in the center of the ring

throwing but not landing punches - Griffin still throwing the jab - They clinch - Griffin throws some knees -

Griffin lands a good knee  - they pull a part - Bonner lands a left and a straight right - Griffin counters with his

own left - both in center of the ring exchanging blows - Bonner looks to have gotten the better of the

exchange - Griffin throws a low Thai kick that is blocked by Bonner - Bonner lands three straight jabs - Both

miss big right punches - Griffin moving forward - Bonner side-stepping - Bonner lands two good left jabs -

Griffin lands a good straight left jab - both in center of the ring - Griffin lands a straight right hand - Bonner

lands a combo - 30 seconds left - Bonner tries a spinning 360 heel kick that catches Griffin on the hands -

Griffin tries a straight right and then a knee but misses - bell rings as they both tried to hit each other -

Crowd cheering.


Griffin wins a six figure contract with the UFC (no explanation as to the terms of the contract). Bonner was

also offered a six figure contract.


Fight 3 - Featured Bout

Rich Franklin wins by TKO at 2:44 of the first round over Ken Shamrock


RD 1

They both come out, Shamrock pushing forward - Franklin circling - Franklin throws a left high kick that is

blocked - They stand in the center - both exchange - no damage - Shamrock shot in with his face facing up

and Franklin caught him a straight left - Shamrock falls straight down on his back - Shamrock sees

Franklin's foot and goes for a heel hook - Franklin scrambles - Shamrock again goes for the heel hook -

Franklin turning - Franklin pulls away from the heel hook - Franklin nails Shamrock with a few punches as

Shamrock is standing up - both now standing - Franklin lands a solid blow - Franklin throws a hard left that is

partially blocked - Shamrock attempts a high kick but slips and falls - Franklin rushes Shamrock - Franklin

throws punches down at Shamrock who is on his back  - Shamrock has his knees up in front of Franklin but

Franklin landing blows - ref stops the fight.