UFC 51 Results \ Post Fight Release

Ortiz Defeats Belfort; Arlovski Wins Interim Heavyweight Title;

 Tanner New Middleweight Champ At UFC 51


February 5, 2005

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

Las Vegas Nevada


Ortiz Gets Back In Lt. Heavyweight Title Chase

Before Sellout Crowd of 11,218 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas


LAS VEGAS, NEV., February 5, 2005….Tito Ortiz got back in the Ultimate Fighting Championship® light

heavyweight title picture, Andrei Arlovski won the interim heavyweight championship and Evan Tanner

captured the vacant middle crown before a sellout crowd of 11,218 mixed martial arts fight fans tonight at

UFC 51: Super Saturday at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nev.

Both Ortiz (13-4-0 in mixed martial arts) from Huntington Beach, Calif., and his opponent, top contender

Vitor Belfort (12-5-0) from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, needed a win in the main event to get a leg up in the light

heavyweight division. Ortiz used his vaunted ground and pound offense to win the third round and a split


“Vitor brought out the best in me. He has the heart of a champion,” Ortiz said after the victory.

Ortiz, who has predicted he will re-gain the light heavyweight title, will now await the outcome of the Randy

CoutureChuck Liddell title fight April 16 at Couture vs. Liddell 2 in Las Vegas.

Everyone, including both fighters, predicted a quick finish between Arlovski and former UFC heavyweight

champ Tim Sylvia for the interim heavyweight title. It was Arlovski (8-3-0) from Minsk, Belarus, who got the

upper hand knocking down Sylvia (19-2-0) from Davenport, Iowa, with a hard right, then applying a heel hook

that forced Sylvia to tap out at the 47-second mark of the fight.

“He’s tough and he stung me,” Sylvia said. “He surprised me with the heel hook and since I didn’t want

another broken bone, I tapped out.”

The reference was to Sylvia’s last fight when Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir broke his right arm in three

places last June to win the heavyweight crown. Now, the stage is set for Arlovski to meet Mir when Mir

recovers from injuries sustained in an automobile accident in December in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas odds makers had the younger Terrell (9-2-0) from Santa Rosa, Calif., the favorite over the veteran

Tanner (33-4-0) from Portland, Ore., for the vacant middleweight belt. Terrell came out fast with powerful

kicks, rushing Tanner against the Octagon fence and taking him down. But Tanner recovered and used his

ground and pound experience to keep Terrell on his back. When Terrell could no longer defend himself at the

4:35 mark of the first round, referee Herb Dean stopped it and Tanner was the new middleweight champ.

“It took me a long time to get here. Everyone wants to be at the point I’m now at. It feels real good,” Tanner

said. In other action:

Middleweight newcomer Pete Sell (6-0-0) from Bayshore, N.Y. took on fellow Long Island Phil Baroni (6-5-

0) now fighting out of Las Vegas and defeated him by tap out with a guillotine choke at the 4:19 mark of the

third round. Both fighters exchanged hard punches and ground and pound elbows throughout until Sell

outlasted Baroni near the end of the fight.


Heavyweight Paul Buentello (17-7-0) from San Jose, Calif., made an impressive UFC debut by knocking out

Justin Eilers (9-3-1) from Davenport, Iowa with a powerful right at the 2:34 mark of the first round. Buentello

drew first blood and stayed on the attack as both fighters traded punches. A flurry followed with the right

ended it.


Heavyweight Mike Kyle (11-2-0) from San Jose, Calif., knocked out James Irvin (7-1-0) from Sacramento,

Calif., with a hard right at the 1:55 mark of the first round.


Both fighters threw heavy punches from the outset and Kyle took Irvin to the ground. When they made no

progress, referee Dean stood them up and Kyle attacked.


Middleweight Gideon Ray couldn’t answer the bell for the second round and lost a first-round TKO to

Canadian David Loiseau. Ray (8-2-1) from Chicago, Ill., was making his UFC debut, but Loiseau (10-2-0)

from Montreal, Quebec, hit him with a hard left elbow on the ground to open a cut over Ray’s left eye. Nevada

State Athletic Commission doctors stopped it between rounds.


In welterweight action, Karo Parisyan (21-3-0) from N. Hollywood, Calif., dominated veteran Chris Lytle (27-

11-4) from Indianapolis, Ind., in all three rounds with his judo and ground and pound skills to win a

unanimous decision. Lytle attempted to strike and stand at the start of each round, but Parisyan quickly

took him down each time.


In the curtain raiser, veteran welterweight Nick Diaz (10-1-0) from Stockton, Calif., welcomed UFC newcomer

Drew Fickett (0-1-0) from Tucson, Ariz., to the Octagon with a TKO at the 4:40 mark of the first round.

Fickett escaped an arm bar that almost ended the fight, but Diaz pounced with strikes and when Fickett

could not defend himself, referee John McCarthy stopped it.


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16, from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev.



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