Trbovlje 3 Results

(MMA & Kickboxing)


December 23, 2005

Trbovlje, Slovenia


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Fight 1 - Kickboxing Bout

Jasmin Becirovic wins by second round TKO over Ante Lovric


Fight 2 - Kickboxing Bout

Sandi Borojevic wins by third round TKO over Zeljko Prkacin


Fight 3 - MMA Bout

Saso Emin wins by first round submission (exhaustion) over Nenad Sintic


Fight 4 - MMA Bout

Petar Matijevic wins by first round submission (rear naked choke) over Matija Kanceljak


Fight 5 - MMA Bout

Dalibor Anastasov wins by first round submission (triangle choke) over Igor Sijanec


Fight 6 - MMA Bout

Maro Perak wins by first round TKO over Rok Merkus


Fight 7 - MMA Bout

Nikica Gulin wins by first round knockout over Mersad Murtic