Trbovlje 2 Update
NOKAUT team (Croatia) vs. Slovenia


February 12, 2005

Sports Hall "Polaj"

Trbovlje, Slovenia


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This Saturday, Nokaut team will be in Slovenia to fight the Slovenian MMA team. First clash of this two

teams ended in Nokaut's superior 5-1 victory, but this time, the Slovenians are hoping to pull out a much

better score. With the participation of fighters from Vale Tudo club Ljubljana, the Slovenian Team will try to

beat the Nokaut team in front of their own crowd in Trbovlje. It won't be an easy task, considering that the

Nokaut Team is even stronger then the first time. This time, two heavyweight fighters from the "Cro Cop"

team will fight under Nokaut's flag - Sasa Mučnjak and Igor Pokrajac. (BIH = Bosnia & Herzegovina)


Fight 1 - MMA Bout
Pavo Epler (Nokaut / Gracie Barra Mostar / 78kg) vs. Miha Buzga (Vale Tudo Ljubljana / 76 kg)

Fight 2 - MMA Bout
Neno Alilovic (Nokaut / 88 kg) vs. Andrej Bregar (Vale Tudo Ljubljana / 93 kg)

Fight 3 - Prestige Bout
Sasa Mucnjak (Nokaut-CroCop Team / 112 kg) vs. Amir Muminovic (BiH / 110 kg)

Fight 4 - MMA Bout
Goran Brebric (Nokaut-UFC Tresnjevka / 74 kg) vs. Dalibor Anastasov (Vale Tudo Ljubljana / 70 kg)

Fight 5 - MMA Bout
Ivan Brguljan (Nokaut / 78 kg) vs. Jernej Groselj (Vale Tudo Ljubljana / 80 kg)

Fight 6 - Kickboxing Bout
Igor Mihaljevic (Nokaut / 100 kg) vs. Hudarin "Terminator" Zvone (Kick-boxing Trbovlje / 95 kg)

Fight 7 - Kickboxing Prestige Bout
Vedran Stanko (Nokaut / 104 kg) vs. Elvudin Tokic (BiH / 125 kg)

Fight 8 - Kickboxing Prestige Bout
Domagoj Ostojic (Nokaut-CroCop Team / 108kg) vs. Adis Sabotic (BiH / 96kg)

Fight 9 - MMA Bout
Igor Pokrajac (Nokaut-CroCop Team / 103 kg) vs. Matjaz Stefanic (Vale Tudo Ljubljana / 92 kg)

The event will take place in Sports Hall "Polaj" in Trbovlje and it starts at 9 PM CET (Central European Time).

Let's not forget that a very special guest is coming to Trbovlje this weekend - Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic!


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