Total Combat 11 Line-up

At the Cocopah Resort and Casino in Somerton, Arizona


December 10, 2005

Cocopah Resort and Casino

 Somerton, Arizona


Imperial Valley's Alex Garcia is putting his 155 lb. title on the line against Adam Lynn from Apex Aliso

Viejo, CA on December 10th at Total Combat. The card will also feature 10 other bouts featuring Imperial

Valley's and Arizona's toughest fighters. Don't miss the action on December 10th at the Cocopah Casino in

Somerton, Arizona.


Line-up (not in fight order):

Fight 1 - 155 lb. Title Bout

Alex Garcia (City Boxing Brawley, CA) vs. Adam Lynn (Apex Aliso Viejo, CA)

Fight 2 - 175 lb. Bout

Zach Taylor (El Centro, CA) vs. Stacy Hakes (Lake Havsu, AZ)


Fight 3 - 155 lb. Bout

Johnny Torres (El Centro, CA) vs. Jeremy McHon (Spring Valley, CA)


Fight 4 - 155 lb. Bout

Jose Carillo (Brawley, CA)  vs. Jesse Moreng (Tempe, AZ)


Fight 5 - 190 lb. Bout

Ulysses Castro (El Centro, CA) vs. Luke Hodges (Tempe, AZ)


Fight 6 - 185 lb. Bout

Frank Duffy (Brawley, CA)  vs. Jerimiah Carson (San Diego, CA)


Fight 7 - 175 lb. Bout

David Martinez (Brawley, CA)  vs. Ray Steinbess (Tempe, AZ)


Fight 8 - 145 lb. Bout

Danny Torres (El Centro, CA)  vs.  Albert Rios (L.A., CA)


Fight 9 - 170 lb. Bout

Ryan Purwick (El Cajon, CA) vs. Joaquin Velasco (San Diego, CA)


Fight 10 - 160 lb. Bout

Ryan McDonald (Morreira BJJ. OC) CA.  vs. Juan Miranda (City Boxing. San Diego, CA)

Fight 11 - 145 lb. Bout

Chance Ferrar (Yuma, AZ) vs. Jesse Miramonte (El Centro, CA)


Fight 12 - 210 lb. Bout

Gary Padilla (San Diego, CA) vs. Jacob Garcia (Las Vegas, NV)


Fight 13 - 155 lb. Bout

Jose Carillo (Brawley, CA) vs. Jesse Moreng (Tempe, AZ)


Tickets for the event are on Sale Now and are available online at and at the following



- Cocopah Casino

  15318 South Avenue B

  Somerton, AZ 85350

  1-800-23 SLOTS

- Clark Vaker Music

  534 Main St

  El Centro, CA


Lou Lange's Music Bar

  541 Main St Brawley, CA


For further information, call the info line at (760) 960-0806 or (619) 392-4660.


- From Total Combat with a little editing from us (color, etc...)



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