Total Combat 9

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July 30, 2005

Baby Rock

Tijuana, B.C. (Mexico)



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TC 9 Recap

Full Results would like to Thank Diana Ocampo, Eric Delfierro and the entire Total Combat crew for

their Great Hospitality.


Fight 1 - Raymond Gomez vs. Rolando Perez

Fight 2 - Ed Ratcliff vs. Josh Olivas

Fight 3 - Jose Padilla vs. Brandon Adams

Fight 4 - Rick Screeton vs. Yahir Reyes

Fight 5 - Ulysses Cortez vs. Frank Salgado

Fight 6 - Zack Taylor vs. Caled Smith

Fight 7 - Bubba Johnson vs. Josh Griggs

Fight 8 - Anthony Griffen vs. Shannon Gugherty

Fight 9 - War Machine vs. Andrew Ramirez

Fight 10 - Akbar Arreola vs. Toby Imada

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