Total Combat 9 Recap

July 30, 2005

Baby Rock Night Club

Tijuana, Mexico



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Total Combat presented its ninth show in Grand Style to yet another sold out crowd this past Saturday night

at the Baby Rock Night Club in Tijuana, Mexico. The crowd was treated to 10 action packed bouts along

with the Fabulous Combat Dolls performing their sexy dance routines in-between fights. Notables in

attendance included Dean Lister, Phil Baroni and Charlie Kohler.


We were fortunate enough to catch up with Mr. Baroni and conducted a video interview but unfortunately, on

the way back home, we had to pass our equipment through an x-ray machine and while 999 times out of

1000 nothing will happen - this time, we weren't so lucky - the video was somehow warped. Luckily, we can

still make out most of the audio with a little work so we'll be posting the transcript of the interview in a few

days.  We'd like to thank Mr. Baroni for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk with us.


Now, some of the highlights of the event included the opening bout between Raymond Gomez and

Rolando Perez - this fight set the tone for the card. Both came out and traded a few punches, kicks and

knees before Gomez took Perez down - Perez immediately rolled and reversed position and got Gomez's

back and sunk in a rear naked choke that forced Gomez to tap.


The next two bouts ended in first round submissions before controversy surfaced in the fourth fight. Rick

Screeton looked to have Yahir Reyes in trouble with a variation of a triangle choke - the fight was stopped

momentarily - the reason being the ref was unsure if Reyes tapped to the choke, so the bout was stopped

and the ref asked Reyes if he tapped - Reyes denied tapping, motioning that he was striking and not tapping.

Screeton was saying Reyes tapped. Unfortunately, Reyes' arms were not visible from our vantage points so

we couldn't see if he tapped or not. They restarted but the crowd let it be known that they thought Reyes had

tapped. Reyes went on to win by submission but Total Combat dropped us a line today (Monday) and

advised us that in all fairness, they will be ruling this fight a No-Contest until further review of the fight.


Another highlight (and for us, the fight of the night) was the bout between Bubba Johnson and Josh Griggs.

Both came out and traded kicks to start off the fight, then both worked the jab until they clinched. A few

knees and punches to the side from Johnson and they separated. Johnson then landed a right high kick

to the left upper arm \ shoulder area of Griggs that was audible to the entire club. Johnson quickly follows

up the kick with a takedown attempt but they end up clinching. Johnson is able to sweep Griggs down and

controlled Griggs until the end of the round. Round two starts out with a kick \ punch exchange between the

two before Johnson powers Griggs down. Griggs is able to get back up while in the clinch with Johnson but

the damage had already been done - while on the ground, Johnson landed some very good short elbows that

caused Griggs' nose to bleed pretty heavy - It looked like Griggs had his nose broken. The fight was stopped

to check the bleeding and Griggs was given the all clear and the fight resumed. Griggs, still bleeding,

showed tremendous heart and came back and gave Johnson a little ground-and-pound of his own but in the

end, Johnson was not to be denied the victory and came away with a three round unanimous decision win.

But we tip our hat to a very tough Josh Griggs for a game effort.


Total Combat definitely produced another winner with TC 9 and if you've never been to a Total Combat show,

one of the great things about the event is the timing and flow of the show - No huge breaks between fights

and no huge intermission. It basically breaks down to a fight, then the Combat Dolls perform for about 3

minutes, then the next fight and so on with just one 10 minute break where the Combat Dolls perform an

awesome routine. A solid formula for a successful show.


Special Thanks go out to Diana Ocampo, Eric Delfierro and the entire Total Combat crew for their Great

Hospitality and a big shout out to MC extraordinaire Manolo "Hurricane" Hernandez for another Great job

at the mic.


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