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Total Combat 10

This Saturday!

(Updated Card)

October 15, 2005

Golden Acorn Casino

San Diego, California



This Saturday, October 15th, don't miss the most exciting sport in the world, Extreme Fighting, as the

Golden Acorn Casino presents Total Combat: Invasion! Finally Total Combat in the U.S.! We have gathered

together some of the most exciting young talent from Southern California and abroad. And don't miss the

long awaited return of "The Scorpion," Jeremy Jackson as he takes on San Diego knockout artist

Christian Vargas! And for your entertainment, our vivacious Combat Dolls will be performing!


Tickets on sale at the following locations:

- Golden Acorn Casino - (619) 938-6060

- City Boxing, Downtown - (619) 233-5444

- SD FightClub, El Cajon - (619) 447-1100

- Ultimate Fitness Ctr, Chula Vista - (619) 427-3488

- Wahoo's Point Loma, - (619) 222-0020

Or purchase them online at:
http://www.totalcombat.tv. Info Line - (619) 392-4660


So come to the luckiest place on earth, Golden Acorn Casino - Saturday, October 15th and witness the fury

of Total Combat!


Line-up (not in fight order):

Fight 1

Tom Hubert vs. Corn Zwicker


Fight 2

Brent Shutlick vs. Eber Saulido


Fight 3

Cody Culkin vs. Brett Cooper


Fight 4

Bill Dean vs. Manny Rodriguez


Fight 5

Daniel Torres vs. Ruben Vera


Fight 6

Daniel Vasquez vs. Chris David


Fight 7

Brandon Adams vs. Patrick Speight


Fight 8

Ulysses Cortez vs. Josh Griggs


Fight 9

Jared Rollins vs. Brandon Magna


Fight 10

Toby Imada vs. Tim Carey


Fight 11

Alex Garcia vs. Jeff Harwell


Fight 12

Eddie Sanchez vs. Julian Rush


Fight 13

Jeremy Jackson vs. Christian Vargas


Also possible for the card:

- Johhny Torres



- From Total Combat with a little editing from us (color, etc...)



subject to change