Toney, Shamrock First Face-to-Face

Ends in Near Brawl




From the files of "what did you think was going to happen with these two in the same room?" comes news

that Saturday's meet and greet and photo-opportunity faceoff at the newly opened IFC Gym in Van Nuys,

California, between boxing great James Toney and MMA great Ken Shamrock featured the two nearly

coming to blows.


Toney and Shamrock have agreed to meet in a modified rules MMA showdown some time this fall. While

several cities and venues are still vying to host the fight, both combatants have already signed on the dotted

line. Saturday was their first meeting since they agreed to face each other.


As per the norm for both men, the conference began with ugly NSFW barbs back and forth, but then nearly

escalated into chaos.


Despite being held at 8pm on a Saturday, the promotional event garnered 100 fans and media. None left

disappointed. Clips of the near brawl have gone viral on the web, with a few threatening to over-run their

servers before being pulled down.


Shamrock seems to have the recipe for rattling Toney, who had to be restrained several times.





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