Super League

"Battlefield Portugal"

Updated Line-up

November 19, 2005

Pavilhao Desportivo Dos Lombos

Carcavelos, Portugal



Super League announced two fighters have come down with the flu and will not be able to participate in their

upcoming event on November 19th - Djamel Rahal (France) and Thomas Hladky (Switzerland) both had to

pull out of their scheduled fights with Jordan Tai (New Zealand) and Sahin Yakut (Turkey), respectively.

Tickets for the event will be available at: For more information, visit:



Fight 1 - Super Welterweight Bout - added

Karim Aliouane (France) vs. Amir Zeyada (Egypt)


Fight 2 - Middleweight Bout

Karnal El Amrani (Germany) vs. Petr Polak (Czech Republic)


Fight 3 - Super Welterweight Bout

Jose Barradas (Portugal) vs. Ozkan Kose (Turkey)


Fight 4 - Super Welterweight Bout

Luis Reis (Portugal) vs. Chris Van Venrooij (Holland)


Fight 5 - Super Middleweight Bout - Change

Alexandre Cosmo (Brazil) vs. Lorand Sachs (Germany) - Sachs replaces Clifton Brown


Fight 6 - Super Welterweight Bout

Peter Crooke (England) vs. Miguel Marques (Portugal)


Fight 7 - Middleweight Bout

Fadi Merza (Austria) vs. Florin Vintila (Romania)


Fight 8 - Middleweight Bout - Change

Sahin Yakut (Turkey) vs. Seyed Ahmed Moinshirazi (Germany) - replaces Thomas Hladky


Fight 9 - Middleweight Bout

Jose Reis (Portugal) vs. Ole Baguio Laursen (Denmark)


Fight 10 - Super Middleweight Bout

Moises Baptista De Sousa (Brazil) vs. Clifton Brown (Canada) - added



Super Welterweight Bout - cancelled

Djamel Rahal (France) vs. Jordan Tai (New Zealand)



Subject to change