Super League Germany




May 21, 2005

Koenig Pilsener Arena

 Oberhausen, Germany



Fight 1 - Super Welterweight Bout

Oetzkan Koese wins a decision over Chris Van Venrooij


Fight 2 - Super Middleweight Bout

Roberto Cocco wins by third round knockout (high kick) over Moises Baptista De Sousa - De Sousa took

the 10 count


Fight 3 - Middleweight Bout

Fadi Merza wins a five round decision over Peter Crooke


Fight 4 - Middleweight Bout

Jordan Tai wins by second round knockout over Jose Reis


Fight 5 - Middleweight Bout

Kamal El Amrani wins by fifth round disqualification (illegal technique) over Shane Chapman - Chapman

kicked El Amrani in the groin and El Amrani could not continue.


Fight 6 - Middleweight Bout

Petr Polak wins a five round decision over Wira Chalunap


Fight 7 - Super Middleweight Bout

Dimitry Shakuta wins a five round decision over Clifton Brown


Fight 8 - Middleweight Bout

Aalviar Lima wins by first round TKO over Thomas Hladky