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Sportfight XIX Recap \ Results

"Cinco de Mayhem"

Story and Photos by Greg Peterson / Greg's Photography Inc.


May 5, 2007

Rose Garden

Portland, Oregon


- Special Thanks go out to Mr. Matt Lindland and Mr. Greg Peterson for the following photos & results:


Saturday, May 5, 2007 in Portland, Oregon at the Rose Garden Arena, Matt "The Law" Lindland and

Randy "The Natural" Couture once again produced an incredible night of fights. SportFight XIX, otherwise

known as "Cinco de Mayhem" gave the audience everything they could want in a mixed martial arts event

There were 11 fights on the card that included a highly anticipated Main Event rematch between Enoch

Wilson vs. Travis Bush. By the end of the night there were 2 KOs, 4 Tapouts, 3 Referee stoppages, 1

disqualification for biting, and 1 unanimous decision. Out of 11 fights only one went to judges score cards

and once again it was the Main Event between Wilson and Bush. These two warriors previously battled at

SportFight 18 in a fight that went the distance and ended in a draw. This time around the judges

unanimously decided that Travis Bush pushed the action and received the win to become the new SportFight



The Co-Main Event could definitely be considered Mayhem. Everyone knew that Ed Nuno vs Eddy Ellis

could only result in an all out war. Both fighters have displayed their skills and abilities in previous

SportFights, and by doing so have built an incredible fan base. The SportFight fans were almost evenly split

on who they wanted to win and cheered the fighters thru the entire fight. There was never a dull moment in

this fight, both fighters exchanged kicks and punches. Ellis did get a couple of takedowns and caught Nuno

in a rear naked choke that seemed to be the end of the fight. However, Nuno escaped the choke and

reversed the action with his well known "Bam Bam" style and Knocked Out Ellis at 4:53 of Round 2. The

new SportFight Welterweight Champion is Team Quest's own Ed "Bam Bam" Nuno, and no one was happier

than the former Welterweight Champion and Team Quest teammate Chris "The Professor" Wilson, who

retired his belt due to being signed by the IFL.


Other Mayhem fights of the night included a submission by Team Quest's Jon Krohn over Whisper

Goodman. Krohn once again proves that he is a warrior in 205 lb. weight class and continues to give the

crowd what they want....huge takedowns, amazing strikes, and nonstop action that included the final arm

bar submission. The Blake Fredicks vs James Birdsley fight could only be described as Mayhem. These

two battled evenly exchanging punches, takedowns and reversals that kept the crowd on their feet. At one

point Birdsley released a barrange of punches, Fredicks dropped his guard and smiled to the crowd and let

Birdsley's punches land. After taunting Birdsley, Fredicks started landing his barrage of punches and

knocked out his opponents mouth piece several times. In the third round, while Fredicks was trying to

secure an arm bar, Birdsley bites Fredicks inner thigh. Once Referee Dave Hagen was made aware of the

bite and the doctor confirmed it, Hagen immediately disqualified Birdsley and informed him that was

completely unacceptable. Definitely a Mayhem ending to what was a nonstop action fight.


For the first time in SportFight history, a fighter was taken out of the ring by medical personnel on a

stretcher. An interesting fact when considering out of 19 SportFights and over 200 fights, this was the first

competitor to be taken out of the ring on a stretcher, especially considering how often that happens in other

professional sports. Tim Sternod vs Mike Pierce was shaping up to be a great fight when Pierce got his

third huge takedown and Sternod landed with his arm behind his head. Sternod immediately started

screaming and doctors came to his side to discover his left arm was broke just below the shoulder. This was

an unfortunate loss for Sternod, hopefully he will recover and return to the ring for another battle.


Other results are as follows:

- Round 1 Josh Bennett referee stoppage victory over Paul Waremecki

- 52 sec. of Round 2 Rear Naked Choke win for Dave Culbertson vs Tyson Jeffries

- 1:21 of Round 1 Steve Storwick KO over Greg Thompson

- Round 1 Jon Clift defeated Casey McEuin

- 1:42 of Round 1 Peter Aspenwal victorious over Lynn Bently by tap-out

- 1:53 of Round 1 Travis Bell by Rear Naked Choke against Rob Stalcup


Randy Couture and Matt Lindland bring SportFight back to Portland on Saturday September 8, 2007. As

always log on to www.sportfight.tv and www.gregsphoto.com for results and more info on SportFight.


Lynn Bentley vs. Peter Aspenwal

Jon Clift vs. Casey McEuin

Tim Sternod vs. Mike Pierce

Tyson Jeffries vs. Dave Colburtson

Josh Bennett vs. Paul Weremecki

Jon Krohn vs. Herbert Goodman

Blake Fredrickson vs. James Birdsley

Enoch Wilson vs. Travis Bush

Travis Bush

Ed Nuno vs. Eddie Ellis

Ed Nuno vs. Eddie Ellis

Ed Nuno


- Photographs and Review courtesy of Mr. Matt Lindland (SportFight) \ Greg Peterson (Greg's Photography)