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"Turning Point"

January 6, 2007

Rose Garden

Portland, Oregon 97227



- Special Thanks go out to Mr. Matt Lindland & Mr. Greg Peterson for the following report & photographs:


Quick Results


Randy Counture and Matt Lindland once again produce an incredible SportFight show at the Rose

Garden Arena in Portland, Oregon. SportFight 18 may have been the "Turning Point" for Matt and Randy,

now that MMA is one of the fastest growing sports, their show continues to rapidly grow a loyal fan base.

As always, and true to their style, a high quality classy show with great fights and some of the best fighters

in the NorthWest. Besides going to a great show, fans can now purchase 2 separate DVDs - "A Tribute to

Randy Counture" and a "Best of SportFight" With another show scheduled in May, 2007 may very well be

the Turning Point for SportFight.


A solid 48 seconds of furry started out the night with 185 lb. Zen Bently kicking, pounding, and submitting

opponent Rusty Hand by a rear naked choke. Team Quest brought out Dave Jansen to submit 155 lb.

Matt Slosser for the second RNC of the night at 2:16 of round 2. Then Team Quest returned to the ring with

185 lb. Greg Thompson vs. Peter Aspenwal. These two fighters pushed the action through the entire first

round, however in round 2 Thompson landed a high kick to the head that could be heard everywhere in the

arena and Team Quest secured another KO victory at 2:33 of round 2. Arley George defeated Brad Horner

in a 155 lb. bout that ended with an arm bar tap at 1:30 in round 2. The first 170 lb. matchup between Gabe

Miranda and Joel Thomas made it to the third round with some great takedowns and striking but at 3:16

Thomas won by TKO. The next 170lb. bout was Brandon Dudley vs. Tommy Truex and was the "Turning

Point" fight of the night. Round 1 featured continuous action by both fighters exchanging kicks and punches.

Eventually the fight went to the ground and Dudley was landing some serious elbows, however, Truex was

doing a great job landing shots from the bottom. Both fighters were banged up pretty good in round 2 but

Dudley caught Truex in an arm bar and forced him to tap out in the last second of the round. Dudley was

victorious at 4:59 of round 2. Another rear naked choke ended Andy Lukesh and Brian Caraway walked

away with a win at 4:30 of round 2.


The co-main event featured Team Quest's Ian Loveland against CJ Thomas. Thomas did catch Loveland

in a choke for a moment, but Loveland fought through it and landed strikes and controlled the fight until he

secured another RNC at 4:30 in round 2.


Former SportFight Lightweight Champion John Gunderson retired his belt due to being signed by the IFL

for Ken Shamrock's Team. Therefore, the main event of the evening was actually a title fight for the

Lightweight Belt between current SportFight Featherweight Champion Enoch Wilson and Lion's Den fighter

Travis Bush. Wilson was hoping to be the first fighter to currently hold two belts in two different weight

divisions. However, after three rounds of takedowns, submission attempts, knees, and all around ground

and pound the judges awarded a split decision, so the belt remains unclaimed.


So with the first SportFight of 2007 a huge success, sponsors like bodogfight, and DVDs available at Best

Buy and WalMart, 2007 could very well be the "Turning Point" for promoters Randy Counture and Matt

Lindland. But don't forget they're fighters too and there is another whole story on what lies ahead this year

for the both of them


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SportFight 18

Matt & Randy Signing

Hand vs. Bently

Jansen vs. Slosser

Thompson vs. Aspenwal

Miranda vs. Thomas

Miranda vs. Thomas

Dudley vs. Truex

Dudley vs. Truex

Lukesh vs. Caraway

Loveland vs. Thomas

Wilson, Bush w\ Randy Couture


- Photographs and Review courtesy of Mr. Greg Peterson (Greg's Photography) & Mr. Matt Lindland