All Stars Promotions together with Shooto Europe present

1st European Championships Shooto Grappling!


December 10, 2005

Budo Academy Physical

Ede, Holland



- Special Thanks go out to Martijn de Jong for the following information:


Dear Friends,

Saturday, December 10,  2005 - All Stars Promotions together with Shooto Europe present the 1st European

Championships Shooto Grappling! There will be two different levels, beginners and advanced. All fighters who

are interested are invited to participate and decide who will be the 1st European Champion Shooto



We will use a K.O. system with a losers round. That means that when a fighter loses his first fight that he

will be able to redeem himself and get back in the tournament again. If there are five fighters or less in a

particular weight class, we will use a poul system, so all fighters will fight against each other.



  Budo Academy Physical, Entrance at Sports Centre Physical,

  Veningmeineszstraat 7 in Ede, The Netherlands


Contact: Martijn de Jong, Edgar Kruyning and Andre van Geresteijn

(cell. +31 (0)6-14 44 89 46)

Date: Saturday, December 10, 2005

Weigh-in & Start: weigh-in at 10.00 h (be on time!!), start 11.00 h.

Competition fee:  € 10.00

Note: subscribing is possible till seven days before the event (December 3rd)

Subscribing is possible at or you can send a mail to or


Shooto Grappling Rules


Any striking

Weight Classes

- Minimumweight -44.0Kg

- Strawweight -48.0Kg

- Flyweight -52.0Kg

- Bantamweight -56.0Kg

- Featherweight -60.0Kg

- Lightweight -65.0Kg

- Welterweight -70.0Kg

- Middleweight -76.0Kg

- Light heavyweight -83.0Kg

- Cruiserweight -91.0Kg

- Heavyweight -100.0Kg

- Super-Heavyweight +100.0Kg

Single Match
2 x 3 minutes rounds


2 x 5 minutes rounds



1 x 4 minutes round

2 x 3 minutes rounds (only at Final)


no Gloves

no Gi (Jacket)

no shoes

no Head Gear

no Leg guard

Spats colored with own corner's color (red or blue)

It’s allowed to wear rashguard or wrestling singlet

Grappling points

Clean Take Down (*1) 1p

Top Position (*2) 1p

Half Mount 1p

Side Position(*3) 2p

Mount Position 4p

Back Position with hooks 4p

Back Mount Position with hooks(*4) 5p

Catch (near submission) 1p


*1 ended passed the guard

*2 when get the top of the opponent on the ground position after any action, take down, sweep, cut the

tackle or e.t.c. (not necessary passed the guard)

*3 if you get the position from half mount, you get only 1 point

*4 if you get the position from mount position or back position with hooks, you get only 1 point

Example for grappling points





A take down B but in B's guard position. A +1pt (Top Position) 1-0
A get half mount (in B's half guard position).  A +1pt (Half Mount) 2-0
A passed the guard and get side position.  A +1pt (Side Position but from Half Mount) 3-0
A get mount position A +4pt (Mount Position) 7-0
A try to arm bar and be called "Catch" by referee. A +1pt (Catch) 8-0
B escape and in A's guard position. B +1pt (Top Position) 8-1
B stand up and A too. - 8-1
B take down A and directly get side position. B +4pt (Clean Take Down, Top Position, Side Position) 8-5
A try to escape and be finished in A's guard position. - 8-5
A sweep B and in B's guard position. A +1pt (Top Position) 9-5
A pass the guard and get side position. A +2pt (Side Position) 11-5
A get mount position. A +4pt (Mount Position) 15-5
B try to escape but A get back mount position. A +1pt (Back Mount Position but from Mount) 16-5



Best regards,

Shooto Europe: Martijn de Jong

All Stars Promotions: Edgar Kruyning and André van Geresteijn



- From Shooto Holland & All Stars Promotions with a little editing from us (color, etc...)



 Subject to change