Round 5 Announced Exclusive Global Licensing

Agreement With Bruce Lee Enterprises




Markham, ON – Round 5 President Damon Lau announced the exclusive collaboration between Round 5

and Bruce Lee Enterprises for the master toy, role-play, and games license for products created under the

Bruce Lee banner.


The master license acquired by Round 5 will allow the company global rights to create Bruce Lee themed

collectibles, toys, and games until 2015.


“We are honored to be working with a brand with such a storied legacy as Bruce Lee,” Lau said. “We feel

that we can use this opportunity to broaden the reach of both Bruce Lee and Round 5 into the niche

collectible and mainstream arenas as there is already so much synergy between our brands.”


Shannon Lee, President & CEO of Bruce Lee Enterprises and daughter of Bruce Lee, believes Round 5 is

the perfect partner to carry her father’s legacy into the 21st century.


"We are constantly approached by companies that want to create products under the Bruce Lee name, but

we always knew we wanted to wait until we found a company that would adequately compliment my father's

legacy,” said Lee. “We are so very proud to have found Damon Lau and Round 5, we believe that Round 5

will honor my father’s name and create products that will respect his legacy."


Product development for Bruce Lee collectibles, toys and games will begin immediately, and are expected to

be available for purchase in Fall 2011.


Along with the global licensing rights for Bruce Lee collectibles, toys, and games, Round 5 holds the license

for Ultimate Fighting Championship collectibles and is universally regarded as the industry leader in this



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About Round 5

Since 2008, Markham, Ontario based Round 5 has been the industry leader in creating officially licensed

UFC collectible figures of top tier and emerging UFC fighters. Round 5 is dedicated to creating products that

accurately capture the likeness and trademark poses of the athletes they represent, and most importantly,

to remaining true to the sport of MMA and its personalities. 


Round 5 products are sold in over 50 countries around the world, and can be found on,

and at major department stores in the United States, and Canada.


About Bruce Lee Enterprises

Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC. (BLE) is based in Santa Monica, California and is tasked with responsibility of

preserving and perpetuating the life and legacy of Bruce Lee.  BLE is aggressively involved in a worldwide licensing

program, merchandising, and publishing projects. For more information on BLE visit

Registered as the successor-in-interest with the office of the Secretary of State of California, Bruce Lee Enterprises

is owned and operated by members of the Lee family.



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