RINGS Lithuania Results

April 7, 2005

Forum Palace

Konstitucijos pr.26

Vilnius, Lithuania



Quick Results

Fight 1

Marius Liaukevicius wins over Tomas Tiuksa


Fight 2

Denisas Archirejevas wins by knockout over Orestas Pokvytis


Fight 3

Deividas Petrauskas and Ali Latajev battled to a draw


Fight 4

Karolis Builys wins by knockout over Vladislavs Kovins


Fight 5

Eugenij Konkov and Masahiro Oishi battled to a draw


Fight 6

Darius Skliaudys wins a decision over Andrejs Zozulja


Fight 7

Tadeusas Cholodinskis wins by submission (choke) over Andre Fyeet


Fight 8

Kestutis Smirnovas wins by submission (arm bar) over Grazvydas Smailys

Fight 9

Hideo Tokoro wins a decision over Erikas Petraitis


Fight 10

Petras Markevicius wins by submission (triangle choke) over Denis Kovalenko


Fight 11

Remigijus Morkevicius wins by submission over Danny v Bergen