RINGS Fight Gala Results

"Men of Honor"

Dan Severn vs. Joop Kasteel



December 11, 2005

Vechtsebanen Utrecht

Utrecht, Holland




Translated from fightalk.nl (pictures of the event are posted on the website):

Fight 1 - MTK-C Bout -100kg (3x2)

Mohammed Boukari wins a decision over Brian Douwes


Fight 2 - RF-A Bout -85kg (2x5)

Rody Troost wins by second round submission (arm bar) over Ashley Peiter


Fight 3 - MTK-A NKBB Title Bout -63kg (5x3)

Robert van Nimwegen wins a decision over Rodney Dorjee


Fight 4 - RF-NW Bout -95kg (2x3)  

Dimitri Menger wins by first round submission over Ali Mazidi


Fight 5 - RF-NW Bout -95kg (2x3)  

Aydogan Nuralis wins by first round submission over Dick Slagmolen


Fight 6 - RF-A Bout -75kg (2x5)  

Jan Overduin wins by submission (arm bar) over Peter Mes


Fight 7 - RF-A Bout -90kg (2x5)  

Henry Akdeniz wins by second round knockout (spinning backfist) over Tarik Charkoui


Fight 8 - RF-OH Open Weight Bout (2x5)

Joop Kasteel wins by first round knockout (open hand strike) over Dan Severn


Fight 9 - MTK-C Bout -69kg (3x2)

Benito Linger wins by first round TKO over Farid Riffi


Fight 10 - Muay Thai -72.5kg Tournament (3x3)

Rayen Simson wins a decision over Junior Gonzalves


Fight 11 - Muay Thai -72.5kg Tournament (3x3)

Imro Main wins a decision over Amir Zeyada  


Fight 12 - RF-B Bout -95kg (3x3)  

Raoul Dennen and Billy Kaptijn battled to a draw


Fight 13 - RF-A Dutch Title Bout -85kg (2x5)

Nordin Bensellam wins a decision over Brian Maulany


Fight 14 - Muay Thai -72.5kg Tournament Final (3x3)

Rayen Simson wins a decision over Imro Main


Fight 15 - RF-INT Open Weight Title Bout (2x5)

Chiek Kongo wins by second round TKO over Dave Dalglish