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"Championship Night"

Brennan vs. Ritch

December  11, 2005

Tangaloo Club

Tijuana, Mexico



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This past Sunday Night, we had the pleasure of visiting our martial art brethren south of the border for Reto

Maximo VII. Promoter Extraordinaire Tony Perez along with co-promoter Juan Luis Noriega Aguilar

hosted another great event which just keep getting better and better - Reto Maximo VII had something for

everyone - Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing and an opening ceremony of Hawaiian fire dancers (not

to mention the Gorgeous Tecate Ring Girls). Some notables in attendance included KOTC (MMA) champion

Thomas "Wildman" Denny, WBA (Boxing) Super Welterweight Champion Alex "Terra" Garcia, former

IKBA (Kickboxing) champion George Valdez and former ITBO (Kickboxing) champion Miguel Reyes just

to name a few. The capacity crowd was treated to a main event that saw PRIDE \ UFC veteran Chris

Brennan win the Reto Maximo Jr. welterweight championship by defeating the hard knocking MMA veteran

Shannon Ritch by submission at about 3:31 of the first round.


The main event started with both fighters going to the center of the ring and touching gloves - Brennan pawed

with his left hand, then threw a low left Thai kick that looked like it was blocked by Ritch - both men circled

when Brennan fainted with the left and came in with a right but Ritch backed up and avoided the punch -

Ritch then threw a low kick, then missed with some jabs - Brennan countered with a low left inside kick but

Ritch was stepping back - no damage - Brennan then looked like he was going to throw a high kick but Ritch

stepped back a little and Brennan had already committed to the kick and kept it low and tight and did a 360

degree spin to return to his fighting stance - Brennan then threw a straight left and followed it up with a right

kick to the body that was partially blocked - Ritch then came back with his own low right Thai kick - Ritch

fainted a low kick and transitioned into a back push kick (some may refer to it as a donkey kick - only

straight, not up) and Brennan was pushed back a little off balance - both fighters then threw out the jab while

circling - then they exchanged low kicks - Brennan than shot in for the take down but Ritch tied him up

against the ropes - Brennan was looking to sweep Ritch but Ritch was doing a good job of defending - Both

fighters worked for position against the ropes - The fighters then transitioned to the center of the ring, still

working for position when they exchange knees - Ritch then swept Brennan to the mat but Brennan was able

to get up quickly and both were on their feet again, clinching, working for position - They exchanged knees in

the center of the ring when Ritch went for a single leg - Brennan defended the single leg well - Ritch released

the leg and grabbed Brennan's waist - they went to the mat and it looked like Ritch rolled onto his back into

guard - Brennan, on top, was looking to pass - As Brennan got a knee over Ritch's right leg, Ritch attempted

a kimura but Brennan was in no danger and Brennan eventually mounted Ritch - Brennan then wrapped his

right leg (from the top) behind Ritch's neck - Brennan then grabbed his right foot and rolled Ritch - Brennan

then locked in his legs for the triangle choke - Brennan looked like he was going to start to pull Ritch's head

down but threw a few punches instead - Ritch was trying to defend the triangle but it was too late, Brennan

had it locked. Brennan becomes the new Reto Maximo Jr. welterweight champion.


The main event capped off what was already a great night of action that saw undefeated boxer Juan Carlos

Burgos maintain his unbeaten record (8-0, 7 KOs) with devastating body shots that wore down his game

opponent, Juan Pablo Bojorquez. Jose Guardardo captured the IKBA (kickboxing) world Jr. welterweight

title with a hard earned victory over Arturo Dumaine. And Neal Abrams and Michel Garcia battled it out

for a round before Abrams got the upper hand in round two - Abrams landed a knee that sent Garcia down

and Abrams into ground-and-pound mode until referee extraordinaire Larry Landless had seen enough and

stopped the bout.


The mixed card of MMA, Boxing and Kickboxing worked extremely well - the different facets of the game

kept the night interesting and the crowd entertained - Keep your eyes open for next installment of Reto

Maximo - You won't want to miss it! would like to give a big shout out to Joel Duenas and his crew, Brawley Combat Club, for

the lift back to the line - it was Greatly appreciated. would like to thank Mr. Tony Perez, Mr. Juan Luis Noriega and the entire Reto Maximo

staff for their Great hospitality.



* Please note - out of respect for the fighters, we did not use flash photography

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