Navarre's BCI Renews And Expands Exclusive Distribution Agreement Regarding

PRIDE Fighting Championships’ Mixed Martial Arts Programming




Minneapolis, MN.  – Navarre Corporation (NASDAQ: NAVR) a leading publisher and distributor of a broad

range of home entertainment and multimedia software products, has announced that its wholly-owned

subsidiary, BCI Eclipse Company, LLC (“BCI”), has renewed and expanded certain exclusive distribution

rights to PRIDE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS’ library of Mixed Martial Arts (“MMA”) broadcast events. 


Under the terms of this agreement, BCI will continue to exclusively promote and distribute the complete line

of PRIDE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS’ Mixed Martial Arts broadcast events on DVD throughout the U.S.

and Canada for the next five years.  This is an expanded renewal of an original three year agreement

between the two companies. 




BCI will focus its release efforts in several areas.  Primarily, BCI will release new PRIDE FC Pay-Per-View

broadcast events to DVD.  In addition, BCI will re-release older PRIDE FC Pay-Per-View events in multi-event

DVD sets and special DVD collector’s editions.  As part of the new expanded agreement, BCI will also

release PRIDE FC special tournament events on DVD as well as the complete line of Bushido Fighting

events on DVD.  The first DVD products under this new agreement will be released on May 24, 2005, and will

include Championship Chaos 2, Total Elimination 2004, and PRIDE FC LEGACY: Five-Event Box Set. 


PRIDE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS is the world’s premier MMA league, featuring the finest martial artists

in the world in full contact, closed fist competition. The live PRIDE FC events still prove to be a spectacle in

Japan, with sell-out arena attendance consistently topping 40,000 spectators. In addition, the U.S. cable and

satellite TV Pay-Per-View events have been experiencing a consistent increase in growth over the years. To

further boost the popularity of PRIDE FC, plans are in the works to bring live events to the United States for

the first time ever. With the recent sanctioning of the sport of mixed martial arts in California, PRIDE FC is

looking to bring their events to Southern California in 2005 and establish it as the mecca for MMA in the U.S.



Greg Glass, Sr. VP at BCI, stated, “BCI is thrilled to be continuing our relationship with PRIDE FC.  BCI has

spent the last four years working hard to develop a fan base for MMA events on DVD.  Now that the market

is established, we look to take PRIDE FC DVD to the next level of more mainstream popularity, including

expanded distribution to both traditional home entertainment retail as well as mass merchant retail.” 


Glass continued, “PRIDE FC has done a fantastic job in both growing the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and

improving the quality of their Pay-Per-View events.  Every PRIDE FC PPV event held in Japan is produced

with incredible quality and spectacle, and always features the world’s finest fighters.  There is never a bad

PRIDE FC event – every event is like the Super Bowl of Mixed Martial Arts.  PRIDE FC’s plans to eventually

hold events here in the United States will deliver the sport to a whole new level of popularity.”


Yukino Kanda, Executive Vice President, Dream Stage Entertainment, stated, "We're very excited about

returning to BCI.  They know our product well and it was important to us that our distributor understand

PRIDE FC and the sport of mixed martial arts.  BCI will place our DVDs in more retail stores than before,

making it easier for fans to purchase them, which was also very important to us.  There will be many

new PRIDE FC DVDs released as well as the re-issue of some older titles that were previously out of print." 



Turi Altavilla, Vice President of Production, Dream Stage Entertainment, stated, "We hope that PRIDE FC

fans will be very happy with the quality of the DVDs.  They deserve the best possible product and they'll find

that these DVDs are loaded with special features including backstage footage and bonus fights not seen on

the pay per views."


About Navarre Corporation

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- From Dream Stage Entertainment with a little editing from us (color, highlights, etc...)