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August 11, 2006

Ibirapuera Gimnasium

São Paulo, Brazil



- Special Thanks go out to our good friends a NaLuta.com.br for the following press release & video trailer:


Mixed martial arts championship in its second year. It has all martial arts types of fight, making an awesome

fight lovers show. Great fights, challenges and big previews in this tournament.


The first edition happened in September, 2005, in Santos, the hometown of Pelé. It had a huge vídeo

production, made by one of the Brazilians most important publicity film company, “Republika Sports Films.”

And it is being released, by Republika, the Predador FC DVD (video trailer - 862 kb), with exciting and never seen fights.


Now Predador arrives in São Paulo, the biggest Latin American city, and will rock the city. Techniques,

strength, rage and talent will appear at Ibirapuera Gimnasium, on August 11th.


Eduardo Telles will face Rubens Macula, champion in Peru. Gabriel Gladiador (BTT – Brazilian Top

Team) against Fabio Negão (Lótus MMA Team). Márcio Corleta against Silvão (Rocian Gracie MMA

Team). Besides many other great fights, including one jiu-jitsu fight, one submission fight and one Muay-

Thay fight.


Predador Fight Championship its well known for its security and good organization during the tournament. It

has great production by A. Renner Produções, a famous Brazilian agency - And cares, above all, about the

 crowd, which needs the best martial arts event in Brazil.

For more information, please visit: www.predadorfc.com



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