OneSongchai Muay Thai Promotion

“Queen’s Birthday Muaythai Cup 2011”


August 12, 2011



This year promoted the biggest, Promoter Pariyakorn selects the grateful girl Fasitong-Chicha-Anadej

challenge for world champion. As the Queen is 80 years old, so to show gratitude for the royal that create

Thailand, this promotion with the best girls who have not loss anyone before especially, “Grateful girl” who

fight Muaythai to help her mother who is sick from cancer, Fasitong Sitso-ung challenge the title with Lucia

from Slovakia in Featherweight division together the program will have Queen’s Cup in the front of Bangkok

Metropolitan Administration


Since Pariyakorn’s father has promoted King and Queen’s cup Muaythai for over 20 years, Promoter

Pariyakorn who is the pioneer in female boxers and promote this auspicious event continuously every year.

This year this grateful boxer who got award to be the youth model from Press Association of Thailand to

challenge for S-1 Muaythai World Championship in Featherweight division with Slovakia follow with:


- Ayadet Sor Sawasdee challenge for S1 Muaythai World Championship in Lightweight division with Ray

  Murakami (Japanese)


- Chicha Kor Adisorn challenge S-1 World Championship in Straw-weight with Luknam Sitbenjama


- Kaenpet Manoprungroj challenge S-1 World Championship in Super Featherweight with Sun Kim from



...with other 20 Muaythai fights. May we invite you all to light the candle and sing the auspicious Queen

praise song at Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. Foods and Drinks will be given free. And Free

entrance to all.



- From onesongchai with a little editing from us (continuity, etc...)




Subject to change