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February 26, 2005

16752 Millikan Ave.

Irvine, CA 92606

(949) 251-8822




This past Saturday, No Limits hosted another Great amateur Muay Thai event (aka a Smoker) that featured

seven action packed bouts. If you have a chance, go out and see one - you won't be disappointed. And

through the courtesy of No Limits and Team Oyama, we have three of the bouts streamed for you to check

out - Fight 1, Fight 3, and Fight 6. Just click on the fight number link and check it out.

would like to Thank No Limits and Team Oyama for their Great Hospitality.


Once you've clicked on a link - to see the pictures full size, just click on the picture  


Fight 1 - Leroy Mayo vs. Carlo Cacanindin

Fight 2 - Kevin Stevensen vs. Daniel Ulloa

Fight 3 - Laurence Madariaga vs. Raymond Abrigo

Fight 4 - Jaime Scolastico vs. Geovanna Garibay

Fight 5 - Robby Wyatt vs. Brian Esguerra

Fight 6 - Jeremy Welch vs. Po-O-Hala Atay

Fight 7 - Robert Emerson vs. Kerwin Solis


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