No Limits Presents


Muay Thai Grand Prix

May 14, 2005

The Arena - 8pm

Upland, California

For Tickets call: (949) 251-8822



Here's the line-up for this Saturday's action packed Muay Thai Grand Prix event at the Upland Arena

presented by No Limits. For tickets, call No Limits Fighting Sports at (949) 251-8822. To view some video

of a previous No Limits event, click here.


Line-up (not in fight order):

Fight 1

Kevin Totanes (Extreme Power) vs. Robby Wyatt (Muay Thai Kunpoli) 


Fight 2

Mark Beecher (Boxing Works) vs. Jacob Hyten (EVOL Martial Arts) 


Fight 3

Stepan Zeytunyan (Kens Kickboxing) vs. Kerry Varnes (KO Fitness)


Fight 4

Yordan Illiev (Master Toddy’s) vs. Gary Webber (Powerbox)


Fight 5

Kenny Finnister (Freelance) vs. Gabriel Ibarra (TEAM Zarate)


Fight 6

Johnny Jackson (Muay Thai Academy) vs. Daniel Ullos (KO Fitness)


Fight 7

Julian Lugo (Way of Japan) vs. Toby Grear (LA Boxing)


Fight 8

David Anderson (Paul Metayo Muay Thai) vs. Carlos Quilon (TEAM OYAMA)


Fight 9

Marcin Baczkowski (Harold Diamond kickboxing) vs. Kevin Stephenson (Muay Thai Kunpoli)


Fight 10

Geovanna Garibay (TEAM ZARATE) vs. Jaime Scolastico (EVOL Martial Arts)


Subject to change