No Limits Presents


Muay Thai Grand Prix Finals


July 23, 2005

Boxing 2000

1002 E 17th Suite M.

Santa Ana, CA 92701




This past Saturday, on a hot summer night, No limits hosted the conclusion to their Adrenaline Muay Thai

Grand Prix tournament - But because of some unforeseen circumstances, No Limits had to change

venues twice in a span of a few days leading up to the event. But thanks to Mike Semaza of Boxing 2000,

a venue was secured and No Limits pulled it all together and presented a Fantastic night of Muay Thai

action to a sold out crowd.


As we've come to expect from a No Limits event, the fighters were all well matched and put their heart on the

line as the crowd was treated to 12 action-packed bouts. One of the stand-out moments of the card saw

Rameau Sokoudou punish Vaughn Lucas' left thigh for three rounds - Lucas courageously battled but

Sokoudou's speed and power made it difficult for Lucas to protect his leg. And with 10 seconds left in the

final round, Lucas got trapped in a corner after some leg kicks and Sokoudou opened up on Lucas who was

taking the punishment but Lucas' corner had seen enough and threw in the towel.


In the tournament final, Toby Grear came out aggressive and was looking to end the fight early with Gary

Webber but Webber kept his composure and wore Grear down over the three rounds with good striking

selection and leg kicks. In the end, Grear looked to have given it his all but on this night, Webber would not

be denied and won a unanimous decision and the Adrenaline Muay Thai Grand Prix Championship. would like to thank the entire staff of No Limits and Boxing 2000 for their Great Hospitality


Full Results


Angela Hayes Victorious

Annie Gazaryan Victorious

Daniel Ullos Victorious

Rameau Sokoudou Victorious

Krit Saeung vs.Damian Martin

Gary Webber Victorious

Toby Grear Victorious

Janelle Woulda Victorious

Kenny Finnister Victorious

Joe Schilling Victorious

Evan Esquerra Victorious

Gary Webber wins Tournament

Adrenaline Champion

Gary Webber

Beautiful Ring Girl

Beautiful Ring Girl

Beautiful Ring Girl

Beautiful Ring Girl

Malaipet Sasiprapa and Danny Steele

Sasiprapa, Steele and

Dennis Warner