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James Toney: "Do I Look Like Mr. Universe?"

VAN NUYS, Calif.  James Toney has fought many fights in his career, but the one apparently facing him

now is one that disturbs and revolts him like no other opponent could ever do. "Being accused of taking

performance enhancing substances is an insult to me. I don't do drugs period," Toney stated.


"I've never used any illegal substances to prepare myself for a fight."


Toney's body doesn't reflect a fighter taking mass muscle substances, nor would anyone in their right mind

be taking any banned substances, while knowingly and willingly giving urine samples. Toney's weight loss

was substantial from the day the fight was announced to the event, totally inconsistent with the signs of an

athlete using substances to add muscle mass.


"Toney received medical treatment for recovery from his biceps and triceps surgery last year. His doctor has

stated that the combination of medications used to control the inflammation and tissue growth caused the

positive test result," stated Dan Goossen, Toney's promoter. "This is further supported, since the body, in

combination with the medications, naturally create the form of substance ("Nandrolone") reflected in the test



Goossen further stated, "It would be unjust for the sport to reprimand a fighter who was under a doctor's care

and direction many months before in healing a career threatening injury."


- Press Release issued by Goossen Tutor Promotions (May 12, 2005)




Baxter Humby

Sportsnavi is reporting that Muay Thai champion Baxter "One Arm Bandit" Humby has been announced to

participate in Shoot Boxing's June 26th event at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Check out Baxter's website





Fight Show II

With a mixture of Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, Muay Thai and MMA bouts, Show Fight II takes place on

May 17th at the Directv Music Hall in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Line-up from

Submission Wrestling Match

Diego Latorre (Macaco Gold Team) vs. Givanildo Santana (Lotus Club)


Jiu-Jitsu Match

Rafael Motta (Cia Paulista) vs. Augusto Ferrari (Barbosa JJ)


Muay Thai Bout

Marcio (Roney Alex Team) vs. Thiago Baggio (Chute Boxe)


MMA Bout

Alessandro Stefano (MGT) vs. Eduardo Pamplona (Ryan Gracie)


MMA Bout

Tiago Cruz (Godoi/ BTT) vs. Gustavo Treta (MGT)


MMA Bout

Katel Kubis (Minotauro Team) vs. Lamar Da Silva (Champions Factory)


Super Fight
Claudio Godoy (BTT) vs. Gabriel Vella (Ryan Gracie)


Women's Bout
Erica Paes (BTT) vs. Cris (Chute Boxe)




DFC "Nowhere to Run"

Dakota Fighting Championship along with Seven Clans Casino will present "Nowhere to Run" on June 4th

at the Seven Clans Casino in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. The event starts at 7pm with 10 cage fights being

planned for the event. For ticket information, visit: For the current line-up, visit:




Card \ Dates subject to change