Mixed Battle 5

Shooto & Muay Thai


December 10, 2005

Rosengards Sporthall

Malmo, Sweden



For more information, visit: www.mixedbattle.com.


Line-up so far (not in fight order):

Fight 1 - Class A  82.5 kg Full Muay Thai Rules Bout (5x3 minutes)

Fredric Rosenberg (Malmo Muaythai, Sweden) vs. Ruy Kizuka (AJKF Japan)


Fight 2 - Class A  76 kg Muay Thai Bout - No elbows (5x3 minutes)

Markus Oberg (Malmo Muaythai, Sweden) vs. Kim Jenssen (Maeng Ho Denmark)


Fight 3 - Class B  63.5 kg Muay Thai Bout (5x2 minutes)

Martin Ahktar (Malmo Muaythai, Sweden) vs. Mohammed El Mir (Maeng Ho Denmark)


Fight 4 - Class B Shooto Bout (2x5 minutes)

Diego Gonzales (Hilti Bjj Stockholm, Sweden) vs. Christian Dellevag (Team Yamasaki, Sweden)


Fight 5 - Class B Shooto Bout (2x5 minutes)

Kristian Hacklou (Team Brasa Sweden) vs. Omid Pourmanochehri (Hilti Bjj Stockholm, Sweden)



- Special Thanks go out to Fredric Rosenberg (Mixed Battle) for the information



Subject to change