Maximum Fighting Championship

MFC statement on Hermes Franca

June 10, 2011

Mayfield Convention Centre

Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)



The Maximum Fighting Championship has terminated the contract of Hermes Franca as a fighter with the



An immediate search is underway to replace Franca who was slated to fight Drew Fickett on Friday, June

10 at MFC 30: Up Close & Personal. Fickett’s new opponent is expected to be announced shortly.


“Mr. Franca’s legal situation is a matter in the hands of law enforcement officials and soon to be going before

the courts and because of that there will not be any further comment on those allegations, but I have taken

immediate action to indicate that he is no longer going to be part of my organization,” stated MFC

Owner/President Mark Pavelich.


“We were informed about his arrest and pending trial, and as of 10:30 a.m. MT today, he has been released.

These are serious allegations that he is facing and I do not want the Maximum Fighting Championship

associated in any way with these matters.”


On top of legal difficulties that were revealed today, Franca twice fought outside of the MFC while under

contract with the organization.


“Mr. Franca breached his contract by fighting outside of the organization only 15 days after his bout at MFC

29, and then he fought again six days after that in Brazil and lost,” said Pavelich.


“I find his these actions to be incredibly disrespectful to my company and Mr. Franca is no longer welcome

as part of the Maximum Fighting Championship.”



- Press Release from the MFC




Subject to change