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"The Event of Honour - The Honor of Muaythai"

March 2, 2007

Lumpini Stadium

Bangkok, Thailand

 Time 18.30


- Special Thanks go out to Ponchai Udomsompon for the photographs and the following results:

Main Event: Defend Muaythai Super Flyweight Championship Title

Sam A Th.Ratthanakiat wins a decision over Detnarong Sitjaboon


Defend Muaythai Super Bantamweight Championship Title

Pinsiam S.Amnuaysirichok wins a decision over Pokaew Sitjafueang

Defend Muaythai Flyweight Championship Title

Norasing Lukbanyai wins a decision over Somboonbaeb S.Phumpanmoung


Defend Muaythai Featherweight Championship Title

Santipap Jarernkeseam wins a decision over Kaew Fairtex


Defend Muaythai Mini-Flyweight Championship Title

Kongmuangjan A.Benjamarth wins a decision over Ponkrit K.Kumpanart


Fight 1 - Detnarong Sitjaboon vs. Sam A Th.Ratthanakiat

Fight 2 - Pokaew Sitjafueang vs. Pinsiam S.Amnuaysirichok

Fight 3 - Somboonbaeb S.Phumpanmoung vs. Norasing Lukbanyai

Fight 4 - Kaew Fairtex vs. Santipap Jarernkeseam

Fight 5 - Ponkrit K.Kumpanart vs. Kongmuangjan A.Benjamarth


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