The New Breed 5

 March 5, 2011

Bath Pavilion

Bath, England



Once again KnuckleUp is proud to bring you “The New Breed 5”.  Matt Hand and Dane Bowers are proving

that The New Breed is dedicated to bringing you the fights you want to see.  If you have any doubts then

you obviously missed the explosive end of 2010 with New Breed 4!  The fights are once again to be held in

the amazing city of Bath on the 5th of March 2011 at the Bath Pavilion.  Below are fighter highlights for the

up and coming pro card at The New Breed 5.


Wesley Murch: 

Murch has once again found himself at the top of the bill and with good reason.  He is currently riding a

three-fight win streak and all his wins have been in the first round.  In those three fights he has not been

content to wait for the action as he immediately goes on the offensive.  This has resulted in wins via TKO

and two submissions.  Wesley has showcased highlight worthy takedowns and very slick submissions in

his last outings.  With his cheeky demeanor and always exciting in your face fight style he has quickly

become a fan favorite and an opponent’s nightmare.


Josh Dennis: 

Josh Dennis is coming into this bout with nothing to lose and is ready for an all out war.  He has yet to taste

victory within the cage, which has made him train that much harder.  He is looking to change that starting

with Wesley Murch.  Like a wild animal backed into a corner he will be dangerous and unpredictable.  His

opponent will have to expect the unexpected and keep sharp, as Josh will stop at nothing to get this win

and prove that his luck has changed.


Jay “Cage Rage” Mortimore:  

A fight that will definitely have fans out of their seats will be Jay “Cage Rage” Mortimore vs. James Hurrell. 

Jay Mortimore is an up and coming U.K. star with his sights set on all top ranked U.K. heavy weights. If his

last fight was any indication (19 second KO) of what is to come, then don’t blink.  Jay has recently captured

the Spartan Fight Challenge HW title and his self-confidence as at an all time high.  Touted as the next big

thing, look for this Exmouth Lion’s Den fighter to put his stamp on The New Breed 5.  


James Hurrell: 

James is known as a man with dynamite power in both hands.  This will be an interesting fight for James,

as he is the taller of the two fighters.  This fight for him will be based on his ability to keep it at range.  If he

uses his length in this fight it could be a long night for Jay “Cage Rage” Mortimore.  James has two

submissions on his record by arm bar showing that he does have a ground game.  This fight has been

predicted to bring the house down and could steal fight of the night honors.


Paul Croft: 

He definitely believes in getting the job done and getting it done quickly.  He has five pro MMA fights all

ending in the first round and his longest bout was 1 minute 51 seconds.  Paul Croft can be best described

as a whirlwind of pain.  In his fight with Stephen Neesham he highlighted his willingness to get to business

by immediately closing down the distance, working the take down, and throwing devastating elbows within

his opponents guard.  His last two fights have ended by TKO and he will be looking to continue this streak

come March 5th.  


Ben Crook: 

Ben is known as the Spider and it could be his ability to trap you in his guard.  All of his wins have come by

way of submissions; either triangle or guillotine chokes.  He is definitely a ground savvy submission fighter

and will look to catch Paul Croft in his submission web.  If it goes to the ground his opponent Paul Croft will

definitely look to ground and pound.  Ben will need to weather the storm and stay active with his guard. 

However, Ben is also a Muay Thai practitioner and may want to keep it on the feet and utilize his length. 

Either way this fight will be one you do not want to miss.


There will be 13 amateur and three professional bouts. This card will be stacked with old and new faces as

they return to do battle at the Bath Pavilion.  On the card is the first ever women’s bout under The New

Breed banner.  This fight has had a lot of interest and it will pit Cherie Buck against Helena Martin.  Cherie

has a total of five fights but is a seasoned veteran.  She has a Muay Thai back ground and will showcase

explosive stand up and a high standard of wrestling.  She is ecstatic that this fight is happening as her last

scheduled bouts were canceled.  Her opponent Helena Martin has taken this fight very seriously.  She has

been to America and trained with UFC super star Matt Hughes at his H.I.T. squad gym.  She has a kick

boxing background and will not be intimidated on the feet.  Working with Matt Hughes you would assume

that her wrestling and submission is firing on all cylinders.  She will have added pressure on her to perform

as a cable company has documented her preparation for this fight.  Regardless of the winner, these women

are out to prove that they belong in the cage. 


Unfortunately, at this time all VIP tickets to The New Breed 5 are sold out due to the high demand. 

Minimal standing and general seating tickets are available and on a first come first serve basis, or by

cancellation from other customers.  Make sure that you don’t miss out on the next MMA action and get

your tickets early for Knuckleup “The New Breed 6”


Full Fight Card

Pro Fight

Wesley Murch vs. Josh Dennis

Jay Mortimore vs. James Hurrell

Paul Croft vs. Ben Crook


Amateur Fights

Jon Bolton vs. Maximus Witowski

Adam Drescher vs. Will Clarke

Mike Purchase vs. Ben Rees

Sam Mensah vs. Matt Cook

Neil Robbins vs. Nad Narimani

Chris Selby vs. Shaun Percell

Dave smith vs. Martin Kamill

Ricky Gullis vs. Jed Russell

Grant Clarke vs. George Youseff

Steve Parr vs. Dale Utting

Cherie Buck vs. Helena Martin

Jamie Jones vs. Chris Randell

Phil Carter vs. Jake O'Hagan





- Press Release from Knuckleup



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