K-1 Scandinavia 2005

"Rumble of the Kings"

Bout Changes

May 21, 2005

Globen Arena

Stockholm, Sweden



Due to a back injury, Innuendo Management & Promotions announced that Brecht Wallis has pulled out of

the K-1 Scandinavia tournament. Wallis will be replaced by K-1 veteran Bjorn Bregy. Also, Tony Gregory

is off the card - Gregory was to face Gary Turner in the opening round of the tournament. Turner will now

face Topi Helin who was scheduled to face Petar Majstorovic but who is also out of the tournament. A

new tournament bout has been added that puts K-1 North American Grand-Prix 2004 Champion Michael

McDonald against Muay Thai champion Azem Maksutaj. All tournament bouts are K-1 rules lasting three

rounds (three minutes each round with extra rounds if  needed). For tickets, go to: www.ticnet.se.



Fight 1 - Tournament Reserve Bout (1 Rd Ext)
Denis Grigoriev (Ukraine) vs. Harry Hoofd (Netherlands)


Fight 2 - Tournament Bout - Bracket A
Segei Gur (Belarus) vs. Rickard Nordstrand (Sweden)


Fight 3 - Tournament Bout - Bracket A - Change
Gary Turner (England) vs.
Topi Helin (Finland) - Helin replaces Tony Gregory (France)


Fight 4 - Tournament Bout - Bracket B - Added

Azem Maksutaj (Switzerland) vs. Michael McDonald (Canada)


Fight 5 - Tournament Bout - Bracket B - Change
Pavel Majer (Czech Republic) vs. Bjorn Bregy
(Switzerland) - Bregy replaces Brecht Wallis (Belgium)


Fight 6 - WMC Middleweight Title Bout (5x3)

Champ Jomhod Kiatadisak (Thailand) vs. Alex Dally (England)


Fight 7 - Tournament Semi-Final Bout - Bracket A
Winners of Bracket A face off

Fight 8 - Tournament Semi-Final Bout - Bracket B
Winners of Bracket B face off


Fight 9 - K-1 Rules Super Fight (5x3)
George Scott (Sweden) vs. Zoltan Sarossy (Sweden)

Fight 10 - K-1 Rules Super Fight (3x3)
Jorgen Kruth (Sweden) vs. Remy Bonjasky (Netherlands)

Fight 11 - Tournament Final
Winner of Bracket A vs. Winner of Bracket B




Card subject to change