World Max 2005 Tournament

Updated Card


May 4, 2005

Ariake Colosseum

Tokyo, Japan



All Bouts are three rounds, three minutes each round with a one round extension if needed.


Line-up (not in fight order):

Fight 1 - K-1 Rules Bout - Added

Sam Stout vs. Koutetsu Boku


Fight 2 - Tournament Bout

Yasuhiro Kazuya vs. Jadamba Narantungalag


Fight 3 - Tournament Bout

Kohiruimaki Takayuki  vs. Darius Skliaudys


Fight 4 - Tournament Bout

John Wayne Parr vs. Shane Chapman


Fight 5 - Tournament Bout

Andy Souwer vs. Marfio Canoletti


Fight 6 - Tournament Bout

Albert Kraus vs. Virgil Kalakoda


Fight 7 - Tournament Bout

Buakaw Por.Puramuk vs. Vasily Shish


Fight 8 - Tournament Bout

Masato vs. Chi Bin Lim


Fight 9 - K-1 Rules Super Fight

Nofifumi "Kid" Yamamoto vs. Mike Zambidis


Fight 10 - K-1 Rules Super Fight - Added

Yoshihiro Sato vs. William Diender



Card subject to change