Wanderlei Silva Interview

Official challenge to Chuck Liddell

by Alan Kermorvan

Team IronLife.com Staff Writer




- Special Thanks go out to  Alan Kermorvan and Ironlife.com for the following:

Interview done in the plane between Paris and London.

Alan Kermorvan/Ironlife: Hi Wanderlei, we have one hour to spend in that plane, could you answer some


  Wanderlei Silva: Yeah of course, no problem! I saw you at the airport before, you seem to be a nice guy!


- Alan Kermorvan/Ironlife: Thanks! So who would you like to fight in June for the Pride MW GP second


  Wanderlei Silva: I don't really care... Actually I'd like to fight Nogueira.

Alan Kermorvan/Ironlife: Why him?

  Wanderlei Silva: He has an open game…I think it'd make a good fight, with spectacular stand up

  exchanges. I want to fight the best fighters and Nogueira is one of them.


- Alan Kermorvan/Ironlife: In your opinion which fighter would pose the biggest threat to you?

  Wanderlei Silva: I think Igor Vovchanchin, maybe it could be him... He is very good on his feet, a heavy


Alan Kermorvan/Ironlife: What is your opinion about Liddell's victory over Couture in the last UFC event?

  Wanderlei Silva: It's great! (big smile) And if Liddell stays the champ, I'd like to fight him. It's the first time I

  say it. It's exclusive for you, for you my friend and for your site! I want Liddell December 31th 2005 in

  Pride. It's the first time I say it my friend! (laughs) It's really because you seem to be a good guy and we

  get along well. (smile) I didn't even talk about it in the biggest mma magazines. We'll see if your site gets a

  lot of views: I officially challenges Liddell for a fight December 31th. And I can tell you I'm going to knock

  him out in less than five minutes. I guarantee it.

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