IronLife Online Magazine Issue 17

"Happy New Year"

January 2005


Look for a New Years giveaway with prizes and gifts from our friends.  Lots of stuff from autographed

pictures of fighters, DVD's, CD's, supplements, t-shirts, sweatshirts, plus much more.

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Bodybuilding, Training, Health & Nutrition

- Heidi Fletcher Interview by Ed Ouble

- Developing A Better Back by Tim Wescott

- Young Athletes and Weight Training by Coach Jamie Hale

- The Ugly Side of Steroids by Sachet

- Off Season Bulking While Staying Lean by wyldeone

- Up The Dosage, Is More Better? by Maki Riddington

- Would you rather be huge or happy? by Iron Addict

- The Importance of Arginine by preist943

- Bodybuilding Question of the Month by Sachet

- IronLife Bodybuilding Tribute - Kim Chizevsky

Mixed Martial Arts, Fighting Techniques & Training

- K-1 Dynamite by Hody Jae Huh

- Extreme Combat Challenge Ho Ho Ho KO by Brendan Seguin

- CageWarriors 9 - Xtreme Xmas Review by Hywel Teague

- K-1 Dynamite New Years Eve - Press Conference by Hody Jae Huh

- Fighters to watch in 05 by Bachir Ayoub & Fahad Maniar

- MTGs Fighter of the Year 2004 - John Wayne Parr by Fahad Maniar

- Tactics VIII by Woody Long

- Martial Arts Question of the Month by Sachet

Sports, Entertainment & Stuff

- Feature Model - Echo Johnson by alien8r

- This sports crap and steroids is getting old by CaptainTude

- I had dinner with Gunter Schlierkamp! by Victorian Guy

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