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Gladiadores Extremos Results

(Muay Thai & MMA)

August 29, 2008

Lydo's Showcenter Av. Patria 2360

Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico



- Special thanks go out to UDLC for the following results:


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Fight 1 - Amateur Muay Thai Bout

Mario Amaya wins a three round decision over Horacio


Fight 2 - Amateur Muay Thai Bout

David Mota wins a three round decision over Marco Antonio


Fight 3 - Muay Thai Bout

Eduardo Gutierrez wins over Aldo Meza


Fight 4 - MMA Bout

David Gonzalez wins by third round TKO over Gerardo Ruvalcaba


Fight 5 - Women's Muay Thai Bout

Celeste Saenz wins by second round TKO (towel) over Marisol Diaz


Fight 6 - Women's FIDAM Mexico Muay Thai Title Bout

Esperanza Navarro wins a decision over Merlin Salinas - Navarro retains title


Fight 7 -  FIDAM International Welterweight Muay Thai Title Bout

Kevin Ross wins a five round unanimous decision over Rodolfo Arce - Ross retains title