Last night, on Saturday May 21st 2005, the vacant Welterweight Title in SHIDO MMA (under full Vale Tudo

Rules) was on the line at the SHI KON Fight Night in the Deutenberghalle in Schwenningen (Germany).


Former Champion PeterYamatodamashiiAngerer (German Top Team), who lost his title to no other

than UFC-Veteran ShonieMr. International Carter at “Fists of Fury” in April 2003 by decision, was eager

to get the title back to Germany. Since Carter moved up in weight, the title was vacant and Angerer was

ready and willing to face anybody in this title match.


His opponent was Constanzi Massimiliano (Mariani Gym/Italy), the current Shidokan Karate World

Champion and two-times veteran of the prestigious SHI KON Thaiboxing World Grand Prix.


Constanzi was the typical striker in that match-up and Angerer finished the fight in real fashion: he just out-

punched the striker Constanzi and gave him a lot of heavy leather. Right after the beginning of the first round,

Angerer came out of his corner with his signature-move – the flying punch, which stunned the Italian

immediately. Angerer followed up with some heavy punches and downed Constanzi with a text-book Low-

Kick. The German followed immediately with some hard punches to Constanzis head from Side-Mount and

as Constanzi tried to roll out, Angerer got his back and rained down heavy leather from behind. After a few

blows, Constanzi was obviously unconscious and the Referee had to stop the German after only 26 seconds

in the first round.



An emotional and happy Angerer was celebrated by the audience and finally finished his two-year-mission to

bring the title back to Germany.


- From The German Top Team (with a little editing from us - highlights, color, etc...)