This Saturday, on May 21st 2005, Shidokan Germany and the SHI KON Fight Club in Villingen-

Schwenningen (Germany) will host the first edition of the SHI KON Fight Night in the Deutenberghalle in



The fight-card for this event is packed with seven bouts in Thaiboxing plus a European Thaiboxing Grand Prix

- 72.5 kg (159.8 lbs) with fighters from Belgium, Italy, France and Germany.


The main event of the night is the long awaited title match for the crown of the welterweight division in SHIDO

MMA (full Vale Tudo rules) between former welterweight Champion Peter "Yamatodamashii" Angerer

(German Top Team) and the current Shidokan Karate World champion Massimiliano Constanzi (Pisa/Italy).


Angerer won the title in 2002 with a win over Pancrase Japan veteran and World Kickboxing Champion

Kenichi Sato (Tokio/Japan). In 2003 he fought in a title defense against UFC veteran Shonie "Mr.

International" Carter (Chicago/USA) and lost the fight against the self proclaimed "Pimp with a passport"

by decision. In 2004 Carter stepped up in weight and so the title became vacant. Now it is Angerer's shot for

the title to become the Champion in the welterweight division again.


Constanzi on the other hand, is a very experienced Thaiboxer who has fought twice at the SHI KON

Thaiboxing World Grand Prix in 2001 and 2003. In 2004, the Italian defeated Germany's Philipp Schade on

the island Elba (Italy) at the "Knock Out!" Shidokan Karate World Championships to become the Champion -

72.5 kg  (159.8 lbs). In the last year, Constanzi stepped up in weight and prepared for an eventual title shot

in SHIDO MMA. Now it is his opportunity to prove his skills and will against one of Shidokan's busiest


Date: May 21, 2005

Location: Deutenberghalle

Place: Schwenningen (Germany)

Peter Angerer (right) in his fight with Javier Garcia (Spain) at Ultimate Combat X in England

More info at the website of the German Top Team at www.german-top-team.com



- From The German Top Team (with a little editing from us - highlights, color, etc...)




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