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KG - Karate Girl heads Film Festival 



Sunday 8th May (film screening & Q&A with Karate Girl, Rina Takeda!)

Prince Charles Cinema, 7 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7BY

Rising film star and Japanese karate champion Rina Takeda co-stars alongside Hina Tobimatsu as sisters

Ayaka and Natsuki Kurenai, the youngest descendants of a legendary Okinawan karate master named

Shoujirou Kurenai. As children, they live a happy life with their father (Tatsuya Naka) who encourages them

both to practice karate. However, one day a mysterious group breaks into their dojo—killing their father,

kidnapping Natsuki, and stealing the black belt which has been passed down in their family for over 200

years. Several years later, Ayaka is living the humble life of an ordinary high school student in Yokohama.

Natsuki, on the other hand, has been trained as a killing machine by the mysterious group that kidnapped

her all those years ago. Soon, Natsuki and the group begin to take aim at Ayaka. Out of love for her sister

and with the teachings of her father still in her heart, Ayaka decides to do whatever it takes ! to get Natsuki

and their family’s black belt back from the clutches of the mysterious group!

Meet the star of the movie and watch the first official UK screening on May 8th in London



Primetime to Broadcast MMA series Strikeforce Challengers Free to Air.

Primetime is officially celebrating its move into free to air programming after securing MMA series Strikeforce

Challengers. Just 18 months after launching on Channel 480 on Sky, the pay per view channel has already

confirmed it will show the Strikeforce World Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament as a pay per view event on

both Sky and Virgin TV platforms. Primetime can now reveal that it will also broadcast the entirety of the

Strikeforce Challengers competition free to air in a bid to become the broadcast home of UK MMA.

Strikeforce Challengers is an MMA series produced by Strikeforce and Showtime to showcase and highlight

up-and-coming fighters. Challenger events have allowed fighters to gain their first experience of a live

televised environment ! and we have been lucky enough to see such stars as former Light Heavyweight

Champion Rafael ‘Feijao’ Cavalcante, Matt Lindland, Ryan Couture (son of Randy) and Sarah Kaufman

appear. Since the demise of Bravo, international MMA promoter Strikeforce has now turned to Primetime.

Strikeforce Challengers gives you the chance to watch the stars of the future, exclusively on Primetime. The

first Strikeforce Challengers event will be shown on 2nd April at 7pm on Channel 480 on Sky. Fighters on

the bill include Justin Wilcox V Rodrigo Damm, Lorenz Larkin V Scott Lightly and David “Tarzan” Douglas V

Caros “The Future” Fodor.



Arm Wars "Ferocity" set for German blockbuster expo



Fighters Inc and Arm Wars have triumphed in building a loyal strength sports audience to the weekly

Eurosport TV shows aired every Thursday. Following on from the last event at the MGM in Las Vegas the

competition now moves to FIBO in Germany on April 16/17. FIBO is the worlds leading fitness and

bodybuilding expo and Reed exhibitins have teamed up with Fighters Inc to host an Arm Wars show on a

dedicated main stage in the show. Arm Wars Ferocity is to be sponsored by and

supplement company Fighters Inc will also be exhibiting at the exhibition in Essen



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A new TV channel dedicated to Martial Arts and Combat Sports.

Launching on May 21st, will screen the very best action from across all disciplines, along

with a regular news programme packed with news, interviews and discussions. The channel is not affiliated

to any particular body and is non political; it is just interested in bringing all the action to Martial Artists and

enthusiasts alike. will also be screening the very best MMA action, and will feature weekly

cage fights along with news and gossip from the MMA world.


The launch event on May 21st will showcase a number of disciplines, with 8 different bouts featuring top

fighters in their class. It will be broadcast live. Visit and sign up! for regular updates,

plus follow them on the usual social media.



London International Opens



Registration is now open for each of the tournaments and categories at the London International Opens

which is set for June 4 & 5 at the O2 in London. BJJ, MMA, NOGI, TKD, Karate, Judo, Eskrima, Capoeira 

& Kurash are just some of the open tournaments lined up at the Soccer Dome at the 02 London.  




Anthony Pillage's MMA (Martial Motivation App)

This is the electronic version of Anthony's best selling book which was retailing at £14.99. It contains a

plethora of martial arts based motivational quotes designed to bring out the martial artist in everyone. The

cost is only 59p for a veritable treasure trove of quotations, sayings and bon mots with the martial artist in

mind.  Should be available from the first week of April



Seni2012 already on sale!



The expectation will build across the next twelve months in the build up to the worlds leading combat sports

expo. Now every two years, Seni will try to beat the success of the Seni2010 for sheer size and content of

that event which was Fighters Inc largest event to date. Seni2012 is set for June 2nd & 3rd 2012 at Excel

London. Keep your eyes firmly on FAN news to see who is being lined up to appear, teach and exhibit at

the orginal and world leading expo and live event dedicated to combat and strength sports. As well as the

Fighters Inc social media there are new Seni2012 platforms including:-

Twitter: @Seni2012 - For quick updates

YouTube: /Seni2012 - For clips and interviews


Tickets available for sale now at Ticketmaster on the usual Seni hotline: 0844 847 1699

or online at




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