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Martial Arts Film Festival, London May 7th & 8th





TERRACOTTA FESTIVAL in association with proudly presents a selection of the latest

Asian martial arts movies films with a mix of legend actors and real life champions.


5th – 8th May 2011, Prince Charles Cinema, London.




LOST BLADESMAN –  is Hong Kong biographical martial arts film directed by Alan Mak and Felix Chong,

based on the life story of  legendary General Guan Yu, historical figure of Three Kingdoms period, symbol of

brotherhood and loyalty, worshiped by triads and policeman alike.


Donnie Yen, who made his breakthrough roles in martial arts masterpieces, Once Upon a Time In China 2,

Iron Monkey and recently Ip man, also served as action director for Lord Bladesman.


We are proud to be opening with this action epic which only just gets a general release in Asia the week



Film: Thursday 5th May 20:30 - UK PREMIERE





CHOY LEE FUT – a China produced film with Hong Kong action superstar Sammo Hung (teaming up with his

son!). Two graduates head from Europe to China to learn a particular Southern China style of Kung Fu, Choy

Lee Fut.


Sammo Hung plays the father and is, in the film, a master of the Hung Gar style of Kung Fu.


Director Sam Wong is also part of the Jackie Chan stunt team.

Film: Saturday 7th May 15:50 - EUROPEAN PREMIERE






YAKUZA WEAPON – is a wild combination of hard boiled gangster action, manga style comedy and

spatterific special effects.


Multi talented director, actor Tak Sakaguchi (Versus) has been a trained martial artist from a young age and

typically stars in films featuring copious fight scenes where he performs his own stunts. Well skilled in

Shaolin Kenpo, kickboxing and mixed martial arts, he also has a professional license in boxing and before

entering into the film industry, Tak was an underground street fighter.


Saturday 7th May 17.45: Film (EUROPEAN PREMIERE) + Q&A with Tak Sakaguchi.






KARATE GIRL (WORLD PREMIERE!) - Film star and Japanese karate champion Rina Takeda co-stars

alongside Hina Tobimatsu as sisters Ayaka and Natsuki Kurenai, the youngest descendants of a legendary

Okinawan karate master named Shoujirou Kurenai. The two sisters, separated when young, now find

themselves on opposing sides.


Rina Takeda is a real life Ryukyu Shorin-ryu Karate champion.




Sunday 8th May 14.10: Film (WORLD PREMIERE) + Q&A with Rina Takeda.





GALLANTS – starring shaw brothers legends Chen Kuan Tai and Leung Siu Long,Teddy Robin and rapper

MC Jin. A hilarious, and at times touching, action comedy that is a nostalgic echo of 70’s kung fu action

films. “The training montages and referential gags should be familiar to anyone who’s watched more than a

few martial arts movies” –


Sunday 8th May 16.25: Film (UK PREMIERE) + Q&A with Clement Chen



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